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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


One Hit Wonder - Perform a clean execution by using only a single bullet to kill the enemy

In other words, go for a headshot with the pistol. Though you can often kill the weaker green enemies with a single shot to the torso as well.

Surgeon - Kill an enemy by shooting only one single limb repeatedly

Pick an arm or leg and stick to it. When the enemy moves around a lot, keeping track of that single limb can be hard, so try thumping him into the air (and slow-motion) for better targeting.

Fast Draw - Kill an enemy the moment you have them in your sights

These next three skill shots are some of the trickiest to pull off in all of Bulletstorm. Basically, as soon as you see your target reticule turn red on an enemy, pull the pistol’s trigger. That instant shot must kill the enemy, so go for a headshot or weaken the enemy with other ammunition first.

Snapshot - Kill an airborne enemy the moment you have them in your sights

This sounds tougher than a Fast Draw, but is actually much easier. Because the enemy must be airborne, you can take advantage of the thumper’s slow-motion effect and take your time slowly and carefully pulling the targeting reticule towards an enemy’s head.

Gunslinger - Score two or more FAST DRAWs or SNAPSHOTs in a row

This can be two Fast Draws, two Snapshots or one followed by the other. Since Fast Draws are so often a matter of luck, the best way to earn the Gunslinger skill shot is to thump multiple enemies into the sky and try for two Snapshots by following the advice above.

Enlightenment - CHARGED: Shoot an enemy in the head with a flare and let it explode

Obvious enough. Charge the Screamer pistol and successfully pull off a headshot. The Flaregunners, who are using this same weapon, wear nice big masks that are easy to aim for.

Misfire - CHARGED: Flare an enemy but kill him before the flare explodes

Don’t try flaring an enemy and then finishing him off with bullets – the explosion usually doesn’t give you enough time. Instead, flare the enemy when he is standing in front of an environmental danger, like spikes, electricity, water or a long drop.

Fireball - CHARGED: Shoot an enemy with a flare so it explodes and kills another enemy

Most of the time, a flared enemy will simply set other enemies on fire and not kill them immediately. For the Fireball skill shot, then, try to flare an enemy who is standing directly next to – or better, directly in front of – another enemy.

Fireworks - CHARGED: Explode an enemy who is 20 meters or higher in the air

Thump an enemy into the air and flare his floating body. Sometimes the thump isn’t sufficient for 20 meters, so stand directly below your chosen target – the force of the flare will push the enemy higher into the sky before he explodes.

Firefighter - CHARGED: Ignite three or more enemies and kill them while they burn

Igniting three enemies is easy enough… any time you shoot a flare, you’re likely to set a whole group on fire. Killing three enemies before they die from the flames, though, is hard. Unless you thump them all into the ceiling for an instant triple kill, that is.

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