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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Grenade Gag - Wrap a flail around the head of an enemy and explode it

The equivalent of a headshot for the Flailgun. You’ll know your aim was true if the flail wraps tightly around the enemy’s neck.

Gang Bang - Kill two or more enemies with a single flail explosion

By far the simplest Flailgun skill shot. As long as you aim for a group of enemies and pull the trigger again fast enough, you should kill at least two of them. Kick a flailed enemy towards his friend and you can earn the Homie Missile skill shot simultaneously.

Minefield - Kill an enemy by exploding a flail attached to a surface

Instead of aiming for an enemy, aim for the wall, corner or structure next to him. He’ll often attempt to run away, so be sure to pull the trigger again quickly. If the first explosion isn’t enough to kill him, a follow-up flail will usually finish the job.

Sadist - Wrap a flail around an enemy but kill him before it explodes

You control when the flail explodes through another pull of the trigger, so after trapping an enemy, just kick him into an environmental hazard or over a cliff instead of blowing him up. You can also switch to a different weapon and shoot him to death. Note that the flail will eventually explode on its own – you have about five seconds to execute your alternate attack before then.

Meat Slicer - Slice an enemy in half while wrapping the flail around an object

There’s no surefire method for achieving the Meat Slicer skill shot – frustratingly, even when you aim for an object near the enemy instead of the enemy himself, Bulletstorm will either auto-correct to wrap around the enemy anyway or hit a totally different object halfway between you and your intended target. Turning off “Aim Assist” and “Aim Lock” in the options menu definitely helps, as does moving your reticule away from the enemy until the moment it turns white again.

Head Slicer - Decapitate an enemy after wrapping the flail around an object

Same deal as the Meat Slicer – there’s no way to predict what a flail will do after leaving your gun, or how far the rope will swing around after hitting an object, so this is mostly a matter of luck and patience. For the best chance, turn off “Aim Assist” and “Aim Lock” in the options menu, find an enemy that is ducking behind cover and aim for the wall or corner right next to his hidden head.

Homie Missile - Use a flail-wrapped airborne enemy to kill another enemy

Shoot an enemy with the Flailgun, then kick him towards another enemy before triggering the explosion. You have about five seconds before the explosion triggers automatically.

Smart Mine - Use a flail-wrapped standing enemy to kill an airborne enemy

The tricky opposite of Homie Missile. Flailing the standing enemy is easy enough, but kicking another enemy in the right direction before the explosion goes off is a lot more difficult than expected. Our advice: Flail a miniboss, as he makes for a much larger and clearer target to kick towards.

Chain Reaction - CHARGED: Slice two or more enemies in half using a flail Charge Shot

Once you’ve unlocked the charge for the Flailgun, all you have to do is point at a group of enemies and lower your sights enough to ensure that you catch their torsos instead of their necks. This is simplest when a row of enemies is running towards you.

French Revolution - CHARGED: Decapitate two or more enemies with a flail Charge Shot

Once you’ve unlocked the charge for the Flailgun, all you have to do is point at a group of enemies and raise your sights enough to ensure that you catch their necks instead of their torsos. Even when you shoot at the tops of their heads, the game will usually register it as a decapitation for the French Revolution skill shot.

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