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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Show Off - Kill an enemy from 10 meters without using the scope

Just treat the Head Hunter like the Screamer or Peacemaker Carbine – shoot at enemies without holding the left trigger for scope. The trick is finding the perfect balance between too far away for the bullet to hit and too close for the skill shot to count. A little trial and error, though, and you’ll earn this in no time. Note that two or three bullets are usually needed instead of the usual one.

Broken Wings - Kill a thumped enemy with the guided bullet

Exactly what the description says, and even easier than the average Head Hunter kill because the thumped enemy is incapable of diving away from your guided bullet at the last moment.

Accident - Shoot an enemy and have him die from hitting an environmental hazard

You could wait until an enemy happens to stand in front of a cactus for you, but a faster way to earn this skill shot is loading up an area with lots of water (“The Marina” Echo mode) or lots of drops (“Promenade” Echo mode) and sniping enemies when they’re near the edges of the map. The impact of the Head Hunter bullet will push them over.

Bluff - Kill an enemy who is not actually the chosen target of the bullet

When guiding your Head Hunter bullet, veer away from the target enemy (highlighted in red) and attempt to hit a neighboring enemy instead. Since the bastards are always diving all over the place anyway, you might hit a different target without even trying.

Nutcracker - Kill an enemy by guiding a bullet into his balls

This skill shot frustrated the hell out of us until we realized: a) that guiding the bullet into a moving target’s balls is nearly impossible, and b) that earning Nutcracker on certain types of enemies, like the Creeps – who are the only enemies around when you first find the sniper rifle – is definitely impossible. Be patient. Wait until the generic shirtless thugs reappear, then kick them away from you for an incredibly straightforward and slow-motion shot at their junk.

Hotshot - Kill a dodging enemy by targeting a weak spot like the head or throat

Basically the sniper rifle’s version of a headshot. Unless you’re truly terrible at Bulletstorm, you should already have this.

Premature - CHARGED: Explode the bullet to kill the target before it hits him

Once you’ve unlocked the Head Hunter’s charge, you can explode the guided sniper bullet whenever you like. Aim for an enemy, but hit that secondary trigger a moment before the bullet enters his body. If it doesn’t work, you’re not getting close enough.

Letter Bomb - CHARGED: Explode two or more enemies using a single bullet

When you snipe an enemy with the Head Hunter, he’s dead. When you snipe an enemy with the charged Head Hunter, he’s transformed into a deadly puppet bomb that can be moved around the environment before exploding. Move him towards another enemy before triggering that explosion for the Letter Bomb skill shot.

Shrapnel - CHARGED: Explode two or more airborne enemies using a single bullet

Exactly the same as the Letter Bomb skill shot, only you need to thump both enemies into the air first. Snipe one floating body, then drag him towards the other before triggering the explosion.

Early Retirement - CHARGED: Kill an enemy controlled with the charged bullet before it explodes

Snipe an enemy with the charged Head Hunter, but instead of detonating your new puppet bomb, push him into an environmental hazard such as cacti, electricity or water. Or a Newsbot. Or a fly swarm. You get the idea.

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