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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Breakdance - Drill an enemy into the ground

Surprisingly difficult. We assumed we could just kick an enemy to the ground, stroll over and shoot the Penetrator directly down at his body. This didn’t register as a Breakdance skill shot, however, 90% of the time. Instead, find an environment where you’re on a level higher than your targets – the “Spaceport” Echo mode is perfect, as you’re on an upper balcony with Ishi and Trishka fighting half the enemies below you. The drill will often fling bodies to a nearby wall or object instead of the floor, but in the right area, you’re bound to get Breakdance eventually.

Fan-Tastic - Drill an enemy into the ceiling

The trick here is picking the right environment. A completely open area won’t work, as there’s no ceiling. A room with a low ceiling won’t work either, as your thump will smash and kill everyone automatically. In a large enough interior, though, all you have to do is thump and aim the Penetrator up at any of the floating bodies. The spinning effect is most satisfying indeed!

Root Canal - Insert a drill into an enemy's head

The Penetrator’s version of a headshot. You’ll probably get this without even trying. Having trouble? Leash an enemy towards you for a slow-motion chance to aim.

Twisted - Fire a drill into an enemy but have him die through other means

Obvious enough. Shoot an enemy with the Penetrator when he’s standing near an environmental hazard. Enemies near long drops work the best, but since the drill loves to zip wildly around the room once it’s attached to a body – and also seems magnetically drawn to dangerous areas – you’ll often end up with a Twisted skill shot when you least expect it.

Mile High Club - Send an enemy into the sky

Sometimes the drill will pull an enemy into the sky even when you were aiming straight ahead. If you’re having trouble, however, try shooting enemies that are on a higher level than you – up the stairs from you, for example. Crouching to increase the angle can help, too.

Air Strike - Impale a thumped enemy into a standing enemy

The description doesn’t say so, but from our experience, you need the charged Penetrator for an Air Strike skill shot to succeed. When the weapon is charged, you can shoot an enemy and, as his drilled body floats in place, target a second enemy for the drill to head towards next. Thumping a room often sends every enemy into the air, so we’d recommend targeting a miniboss as the “standing” enemy since he always remains on the ground.

Shishkebab - Impale two or more enemies with a single drill

Since enemies in Bulletstorm love to run towards you in rows of two or three, the Shishkebab skill shot is fairly simple to achieve. Even if the targets aren’t perfectly aligned, the drill will often correct its course to catch them both anyway.

Wingmen - Impale two or more airborne enemies with a single drill

The description doesn’t say so, but from our experience, you need the charged Penetrator for a Wingmen skill shot to succeed. Thump a room of enemies, shoot one, then target a second (you’ll know the second is targeted when he’s outlined in red) with the same drill.

Stinger - CHARGED: Suspend a drilled enemy mid-air, then kick him into another enemy

Without a doubt, the Stinger skill shot is the toughest to perform in Bulletstorm. Even when you know exactly what to do, it’s a bitch that requires multiple attempts and a large dose of luck. To put the odds in your favor, load up an area in which enemies run towards you in groups – we like the “Jumpship” Echo mode – and leash the first of those enemies towards you. Hit him with the charged drill and kick him back at his friends.

Here’s the problem: Bulletstorm seems to have no clue what you’re trying to do here, and will almost always send the drilled enemy towards an environmental hazard instead of towards another enemy, no matter how well you aimed your kick. Just repeat again and again until fate smiles upon you. We found that waiting until the leashed enemy is close to touching the ground before drilling him helped with the trajectory of our kicks quite a bit.

Drilldo - CHARGED: Ram two or more enemies during a slide with the charged weapon

Somewhat like the Bullet Slide or Torpedo skill shots, only for Drilldo, you don’t even have to pull the trigger. When the Penetrator drill is charged, all you need to do is walk into enemies for them to disintegrate, so sliding into a group means instant death for everyone you touch. Touch two or more and you’ve got the skill shot.

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