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Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Skillshot guide


Topless - Blast away the top half of an enemy

Nearly every shotgun blast will remove either the top or bottom half of an enemy if you’re close enough. Just be sure to point up instead of down before pulling the trigger.

Legless - Blow the legs off an enemy

Nearly every shotgun blast will remove either the bottom or top half of an enemy if you’re close enough. Just be sure to point down instead of up before pulling the trigger.

Splatterpunk - Kill a downed enemy by blasting him against the floor

As long as you don’t kill an enemy with your first shot, he’ll inevitably end up sprawled somewhere on the ground. Rush over before he can regain his footing, aim directly down at his body and blast away for the Splatterpunk skill shot. Sometimes this will even work when the enemy is against a low wall or object.

Piledriver - Get an enemy airborne then smash him into a surface with the shotgun blast

Kick or leash your victim as many times as necessary to get them floating in slow-motion near a wall, then blast in the direction of said wall. Sometimes the game will randomly have the enemy’s body fly towards an environmental hazard instead, but at least you’ll get the Pump Action skill shot whenever that happens.

Pump Action - Get an enemy airborne then shotgun blast him into an environmental hazard

Same deal as the Piledriver skill shot. Instead of kicking or leashing your victim towards a wall, move them towards an environmental hazard – cacti, spikes, water, electricity or a long drop. Just be careful that you don’t kick or leash him into the environmental hazard before you’ve had a chance to shoot the Boneduster.

Torpedo - Kill an enemy by shooting him while sliding

Double tap the run button for a slide, point yourself at an enemy and then, at the final instant before you actually make contact with his legs and send him flying, shoot the Boneduster instead.

Juggler - Blast an airborne enemy twice then kill him before or on landing

Kicking and shooting an enemy will only send his body careening away from you… usually too far away to get in that second shot, not to mention the third kill shot. We had much better luck by thumping the enemy high into the air and shooting the Boneduster straight up while standing directly beneath the body. The first and second blasts will only send him higher, and you can finish him off with the third blast as he falls back to the ground.

Slugfest - Kill two or more enemies with one standard shot

If you use the Boneduster enough, this skill shot is bound to occur eventually. You can always kick or leash enemies until they’re floating next to each other. Later in the game, you can also attempt Slugfest on the Burnouts, as they love crowding close around you in huge, obnoxious groups.

Burn - CHARGED: Vaporize two or more enemies with a single Charge Shot

Same strategy as Slugfest applies here, but since the charged version of the Boneduster is incredibly powerful and far-reaching, you won’t have to try nearly as hard. The enemies don’t have to be as close to you, or as close to each other, for this skill shot to work.

Acid Rain - CHARGED: Vaporize two or more enemies in mid-air

Thump a couple enemies, then shoot a charged shotgun in their general skyward direction. The blast is surprisingly powerful, and seems to spread from one enemy to the next, so don’t worry if your thumped enemies are far apart – you’ll probably manage to get them all anyway.

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