Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Nom Juice locations guide

What do you get when you combine alcohol and firearms? Extra points, obviously. Whether you’re straight edge or a ragin’ alchie, there are over 40 bottles of Nom Juice to find throughout Bulletstorm’s campaign and do with what you will. Shoot the bottles for a quick 100 skill points, or drink that juice for 50 points plus an additional 100 per kill while intoxicated.

At least for now, it is possible to reload checkpoints and drink/shoot the same bottles repeatedly in order to earn the two Nom Juice trophies or achievements. And yes, it’s a cheap trick.

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Act 2 (10 Bottles)

Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress

#1 and #2 - On your right upon entering the RetroSound club you’ll find two bottles on this table.

#3 and #4 - After you step off the dance floor, instead of exiting the club, walk to the back of the restaurant area to find two more bottles.

#5 - Inside this low-ceiling room full of crates (and enemies) on the table in the back corner.

#6 - From the spot where you found the previous bottle, turn around and look through the bars. On the ground is another bottle.

#7 - On one of the red tables along the wall in the room with the Newsbot.

#8 - When you get to the rooftops, you’ll reach a point where you kick a piece of sheet metal blocking a hole in a building. Pass through this hole, then turn around to find a bottle on the ground.

Chapter 2: Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever

#9 - After you escape underground from the giant Mechaton, you’ll soon reach a ladder. Climb it, and notice the Nom Juice lying next to the dropkit.

#10 - In the same room, go to the back corner. There’s a bottle on the ground behind some barriers. You can’t reach it to drink it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t shoot it.

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