Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Newsbot locations guide

Scattered across the tragically devastated resort planet of Stygia are loads of malfunctioning Newsbots just asking to be shot, kicked, and/or thumped. For every bot that’s creatively disassembled you’ll earn 500 skillpoints and be one step closer to the Total Malfunction trophy or achievement. So get out there and put these semi-intelligent vacuum cleaners out of their misery with our complete guide.

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Act 2 (4 Newsbots)

Chapter 1: Damsel in Distress

#1 - The first Newsbot is roaming around the glass-floored area, found soon after the first electro swarm.

#2 - Soon after encountering the group of Flailbombers you’ll come across this Newsbot near some graffiti. Can’t miss it.

#3 - After you cross under the vine with the baddie at the end, you’ll soon come upon this Newsbot near an Electrofly swarm and a dropkit.

Chapter 2: Worst Family Fun Vacation Ever

#4 - Soon after the chapter begins you’ll spot this Newsbot wandering around under the Rancor-like statue.

Act 3 (6 Newsbots)

Chapter 1: One Sniper Means a Dozen

#5 - After your first skirmish with the snipers, head down the stairs to your right to find this Newsbot.

#6 - Inside the first building at the end of the long skinny dock you’ll find this Newsbot wandering around.

#7 - Wandering around inside the lounge area.

Chapter 2: A Dam Fine Mess

#8 - Soon after Trish joins you, you’ll find yourself in a lounge area with a wraparound balcony. The Newsbot will be wandering around here.

#9 - You’ll find this one as you progress through the promenade. It’s sort of in the way, so you can’t miss it.

#10 - This one is in the elevator that you have to use to progress through the game.

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