Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Newsbot locations guide

Act 6 (3 Newsbots)

Chapter 1: Daddy’ll Get You Out

#23 - You’ll run into this bot as you follow Sarrano down the stairs at the beginning of the chapter.

#24 - At the bottom of another set of winding stairs later in the chapter you’ll find this bot waiting for you.

Chapter 2: Bad Trouble a Knockin’

#25 - Head left through the second gate that Sarrano opens (after the big Burnout attack) and you’ll spot this Newsbot up high. You’ll need to use your leash to get it down.

Act 7 (3 Newsbots)

Chapter 1: That Thing is Leaving Without Us

#26 - Hanging around the entrance to the Deep Space Café.

#27 - Soon after you and your allies split up you’ll notice a small café on the left with two entrances. Inside the second is a Newsbot.

Chapter 3: Back to Ulysses

#28 - The final Newsbot is through this door on the right as you make your way towards the Ulysses.

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