Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Newsbot locations guide

Act 4 (7 Newsbots)

Chapter 1: The Only Way Through

#11 - After you crawl through the upside down car you’ll enter a room where a Newsbot will be wandering around.

#12 - After you bust through the roadblock you’ll come upon a dropkit. Enter the tent next to it to find a Newsbot.

Chapter 2: Maneaters Prefer Tight Spots

#13 - When you reach the big plaza area featuring a few Maneaters, instead of proceeding through the central exit head left to find a path leading to a Newsbot.

#14 - Soon after you pass the many giant cacti, you’ll spot this Newsbot right near it. This is also the plaza where the Banshee initially attacks.

#15 - After passing the Dropkit area where Trish spouts this chapter’s title, you’ll come upon an open area with lots of steps. Before ascending the third flight of steps, look to the left to find this bot.

Chapter 3: Itchin’ to Crumble

#16 - When you reach the section where you need to slide down to progress, walk past this point to find a Newsbot.

#17 - Soon after you use the elevator to crush that poor bastard, you’ll fall through a door as you walk over it. The Newsbot is not far from where you land.

Act 5 (5 Newsbots)

Chapter 1: Crash Resistant

#18 - Right at the beginning of the chapter, before you get into the elevator.

#19 - After taking out the gyrocopters and ensuing baddies, slide under the branch and you’ll be right near the 19th Newsbot.

Chapter 2: How Do We Solve That?

#20 - Wandering around just inside the first building you enter.

Chapter 3: I See We’re All a Bit Upset

#21 - In the lounge area, just after you get ambushed by a couple of green baddies.

#22 - When you reach this area with the door switch (just past a dropkit) you’ll notice this Newsbot wandering around.

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