Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Nom Juice locations guide

Act 3 (6 Bottles)

Chapter 1: One Sniper Means a Dozen

#11 - Inside the garage you’ll find this bottle across from the Dropkit. It’s on the opposite side of the garage door.

#12 - Soon after you pass a dropkit you’ll find yourself at some long piers with large boats docked alongside. Along the right side of the first pier, look for this bottle right on the edge.

#13 – In the first building you come upon after picking up bottle number 12. Check this windowsill.

#14 - You’ll find this juice on a table just past the piano when you enter the lounge area.

Chapter 2: A Dam Fine Mess

#15 - Soon after you enter the reactor room, run past the lift on your left and into the short dark hallway. There’s a bottle on the ground here.

#16 - Near this flaming wreckage on a table you’ll find another bottle.

Act 4 (8 Bottles)

Chapter 1: The Only Way Through

#17 - Inside one of the medical tents in the area where the Skulls attack.

Chapter 2: Maneaters Prefer Tight Spots

#18 – This bottle is here on the ground very near the first dropkit.

#19 - Soon after Ishi is taken, you’ll be led outside. Instead of going down the stairs in front of you, turn left and check near this bench for a bottle of Nom juice.

#20 - When you are moving from the area when Banshee initially attacks to the area where it goes down, look to your right to find this bottle lying on a bench.

#21 - When Trish spouts this chapter’s title, you’ll be near a Dropkit. As soon as you get into the open area, make a quick left and find this bottle near a bench.

Chapter 3: Itchin’ to Crumble

#22 - Upon landing after your big slide, look on the ground nearby.

#23 - There’s a bottle on this chair along the left wall, found soon after the dropkit and the dangling cables.

#24 - As you’re passing through the bathroom sections, keep an eye towards the ground and you’ll spot this bottle along the way.

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