Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition Nom Juice locations guide

Act 5 (3 Bottles)

Chapter 1: Crash Resistant

#25 - After the elevator ride up you’ll exit to find a dropkit. Just to the right of that is a bottle on a bench.

Chapter 2: How Do We Solve That?

#26 - As soon as you slide under the malfunctioning door you’ll be ambushed by burnouts. There’s a bottle of Nom Juice here in the center of the room.

Chapter 3: I See We’re All a Bit Upset

#27 - After you exit the narrow tunnel you’ll find yourself in a lounge area. A bottle of Nom Juice is here on a table surrounded by ammo.

Act 6 (11 Bottles)

Chapter 1: Daddy’ll Get You Out

#28 – Just after you pass the Newsbot, look into this partially open elevator to find a bottle of Nom Juice.

#29 – Ishi will kick open a door and you’ll find yourself in a room with a chaingunner. Take him out, then turn around. By the table near where you came in you’ll find this bottle.

#30 - After you slide down the skinny column, make sure to take a right before you leave the room to find this bottle on a table.

#31 - Near the chapter’s second Newsbot you’ll find a bottle of Nom Juice on this table.

Chapter 2: Bad Trouble a Knockin’

#32 – A bit after running through the toxic waste, you’ll come upon an open area with a bunch of explosive barrels and Burnouts. Turn left and you’ll find this bottle near an ammo crate.

#33 – Enter the room that Sarrano comes out of after you deal with the snipers. Inside among some rubble is this bottle.

#34 - Follow Sarrano to the elevator. Before getting on, look up and to the left to spot this bottle on the shelf.

#35 - After you ride the elevator down, go around the corner and look up and to your left. You’ll spot another bottle up on a shelf.

#36 - After the narrow escape involving sliding under the closing door, look straight ahead under this pipe to find a bottle of Nom Juice.

Chapter 3: Ponderin’ Them Bodies

#37 - Inside the collapsed building, look for a closet on your right after you use your leash to unblock the path. There’s a bottle inside this dresser drawer.

#38 - You’ll reach a point where Ishi will tell you the fumes are gone. After you deal with the Burnouts that attack soon after, continue forward instead of following your allies up the ramp to find this bottle.

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