Fortnite Coastal Columns: Where to visit it

Fortnite Coastal Columns
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Fortnite Coastal Columns is a fairly small and unassuming landmark, which you may not have paid much attention to or even visited at all depending on how much time you've spent exploring the battle royale island. Unlike the more obvious POIs that are named on the map, you'll have to dig a little deeper to find this location, as you need to visit Mount Olympus and Coastal Columns for one of the Fortnite quests attached to the ongoing Elements event. To help you on your way with this, here's where to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite.

Where to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite

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The Mount Olympus part of this quest is pretty simple to tick off, as that's a named POI that can clearly be seen in the game, which means it shouldn't pose you any difficulty to track down when you decide to head there. However, to visit Coastal Columns in Fortnite you need to know where that much smaller landmark is located, so I've marked it on the map above. Coastal Columns is directly to the west of Pleasant Piazza, and can be identified by the two buildings surrounded by columns and a statue of Poseidon.

Fortnite Coastal Columns Poseidon Statue

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All you need to do to tick off this location is physically enter the Coastal Columns landmark, at which point you'll get a pop-up notification on screen confirming your progress for that particular quest. If you're heading to that area then note that there's also one of the Fortnite Elemental Shrines on the nearby hill to the southeast overlooking Coastal Columns, while you'll find one of the Fortnite Cabbage Carts by the huts on the beach to the southwest, so you can potentially progress a number of other assignments while you're in the area.

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