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Call of Duty: Warzone
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There are some great best Cold War Warzone gun options to pick. Black Ops Cold War weapons really changed things up for Warzone when they arrived and if you're still sticking to some old favorites you should really check out what else you can make use of. 

These Cold War Warzone guns have shifted the balance of things and while there's a lot of variety in terms of the good and the bad, the best Cold War guns in Warzone are absolutely worth checking out. However, which ones are worth your time, or using at all, over the usual Call of Duty Warzone got tos isn't always obvious. Which is where our list of the best Black Ops Cold War guns in Warzone comes in. Take a look at our recommendations, and see what you can find. 

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Cold War and Warzone share weapon progression

The current plan, according to Activision, is that all the primary and secondary weapons that are in, or will be in, Black Ops Cold War will arrive in Warzone. That includes the launch line up, additional season weapons and free guns added over time. There are no plans to remove weapons, so that means all the new stuff will be added on top of the Modern Warfare gear that's already there. So there will be occasions where you have two of the same gun - like the fact that there's a Modern Warfare MP5 and a Black Ops MP5 both in the game as we speak. 

Progression will also be shared between relevant games. So in the same way you can level up a Modern Warfare Warzone gun by playing Modern Warfare multiplayer, you'll be able to do the same in Cold War multiplayer with a Cold War Warzone gun.

With that in mind, let's take a look at the guns in question and see what the best options are.  

Cold War assault rifles

cold war warzone guns

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  • XM4 - Level 1
  • AK-47 - Level 7
  • FFAR 1 - Level 40
  • QBZ-83 - Level 31
  • Krig 6 - Level 16
  • Groza - Free at Tier 31 in the Season 1 Battle Pass

There are six Cold War assault rifles being added to Warzone, including the Groza which can be unlocked for free in the battle pass. However, the popular choice at the moment is the Krig 6, thanks to its high accuracy and decent damage. If you want more stopping power then the AK-47 hits harder but has a slower fire rate. 

Cold War SMGs

cold war warzone guns

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  • Milano 821 - Level 13
  • Bullfrog - Level 43
  • MP5 - Level 1
  • Mac-10 - Free at Tier 15 in the Season 1 Battle Pass
  • AK-74u - Level 19
  • KSP 45 - Level 37

The main option for the best Cold War SMG in Warzone is still the MP5. Even post nerf in Cold War's multiplayer it still has some of the best mobility and control for the fire rate (and, currently, slightly more damage than the Modern Warfare equivalent in Warzone). The AK-74u unlocked at Level 19 is also good, trading off some of the control and fire rate for a little more damage.

Cold War shotguns

cold war warzone guns

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  • Hauer 77 - Level 7
  • Gallo SA12 - Level 34

The Hauer 77, unlocked at Level 7, is an easy pick for the best Cold War shotgun in Warzone thanks to an accuracy and damage that shames the Gallo SA12. That Gallo might look cooler, but the basic pump design of the Hauer will shred enemies. 

Cold War LMGs

cold war warzone guns

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  • RPD - Level 22
  • M60 - Level 45
  • Stoner 63 - Level 1

The level 1 Stoner 63 is currently the most popular Cold War LMG in Warzone. It's got the highest damage of the three options and the most rounded overall stats, with good mobility and control. Any areas it's lacking in by comparison, like range and accuracy, can easily be smoothed out with some good attachment choices. 

Cold War tactical rifles

cold war warzone guns

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  • AUG - Level 28
  • M16 - Level 10
  • DMR 14 - Level 49
  • Type 63 - Level 1

The Cold War tactical rifles are a new addition for Warzone, offering burst fire or semi auto control and range. The clear winner here is the M16 that has 'imminent nerf' written all over its lethal-at-miles three-round burst fire. Enjoy that while it lasts.  

Cold War sniper rifles

cold war warzone guns

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  • Pelington 703 - Level 1
  • LW3 – Tundra - Level 25
  • M82 - Level 55

The level 1 Pelington 703 is probably your best option for a Cold War sniper in Warzone. It doesn't quite have the damage or range of the LW3 – Tundra but it balances things out with a slightly higher fire rate. Both are near certain one shot kills, you're just slightly faster and more mobile with the Pelington.

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