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Braving the cold weather to bring you news of our latest special and a very exciting screening

Seems the winter freeze has made us go a little doolaly this week. Well, how else would you explain this picture of Jordan embracing the fashion chic of a Jimmy Stewart character? Oh right, of course! Our Doctor Who special, which went on sale this Tuesday, and comes with its own free bow tie and pair of badges for every reader. And that’s before we even get to the fantastic 132 magazine featuring 100 reasons why we love Who , Katy Manning on her career as a companion and series six photos. What are you waiting for?

Special Editor Ian (as in he edited the special, though the other meaning is perfectly acceptable too) is a little concerned that people are not braving the snow to nip down the shops and buy our new Doctor Who special (discuss it over here ) and would like to assure everyone that it’s worth risking falling on your arse as you slip-slide down to the shops to get a copy*. However, he is delighted that the first photos have started dribbling in of the free bow tie that comes with it being put to good use (see right).

Speaking of specials, Russell is looking pale and drawn at the moment: he’s in the office from nine in the morning till nine at night, working on both the mag and the next SFX special. Then when he gets home, “I’ve either had to watch The Avengers series six for review or a dreadful Jess Franco film like Killer Barbys for my special! SFX has taken over my life!” He says this, but we’re sure we saw him having a sneaky pint of Golden Bolt in the pub next door last night.

Rich, meanwhile, is actually quite enjoying coming into the office because it’s warmer than his house, but his highlights this week have both involved a trip down to the big smoke. On Tuesday he saw Tron: Legacy on a ginormo-Imax 3D screen. His one sentence non-embargo-breaking reaction: “It was exactly what I expected it would be.” Find out what that means when the review goes on the website in a few days time. Rich, Russell and Dave G are also still smarting a little bit from losing to Empire on a tie-break (!) at the Sky Movies quiz at the Entertainment Media Show/Collectormania London at the weekend. Rich in particular is kicking himself for not buzzing in with The Hangover sooner! It was great fun, though, and we’ll have them next time – massive thanks to the organisers!

Ade got into SFX towers today by riding a Tauntaun through the snow. Ugh. And he thought they smelled bad on the outside . Jordan meanwhile has been making his way into work sans Tauntaun by braving the laughable efforts of Network Rail, utilising the time spent on static trains wisely by sinking hours into his latest addiction: Chu Chu Rocket on the iPhone. What could be more satisfying in sub-zero temperatures than guiding an army of mice to the safety of their spaceships while avoiding giant mutant cats? Makes the hours fly by. He’s also been watching Twin Peaks season two and keeps getting the urge for coffee and pie, despite never having drunk coffee in his life. Fortunately he’s a big fan of mince pies.

*Warning, this does not constitute legal advice. Don’t get Claims Direct onto us once when you break your leg.


Random quote of the week: “You snorted TARDIS dust?”

Whose Drawers? (Snarf) This random crap was found in the drawer of one SFX team member: bonus SFX points if you can guess who. (last week’s answer: it was Russell’s Flumper, which you helped us decide is in actual fact a jumper. Pointless discussion settled.)

Jordan is the Community Editor at SFX and Total Film. When he isn't watching movies or sci-fi shows of questionable quality he's probably shooting men in space or counting down the days till the next Zelda comes out.