Every Fortnite Rift location in Season 7


When Fortnite rifts were introduced during Season 5, they were one of the first ways players had to travel across the map at speed to escape enemies and the storm. Everyone expected them to be removed when Season 6 rolled around, but we're now surging through Fortnite Season 7 and Fortnite rifts seem to be a mainstay aspect of the Fortnite map, and we have all of the Fortnite rift locations for you right here.

You may not have realised it, but rifts in Fortnite have also been altered slightly. Along with the Rift-To-Go item acting like a portable rift, there are now infinite rifts too, also known as "permarifts". These permarifts don't disappear once they've been used, so they can essentially be used infinitely, all game long. The Fortnite rift locations map further down this guide shows where you can find both types of rift as we head toward Fortnite Season 8.

How to use the Fortnite Rifts

The Fortnite rifts basically act as mini portals, or map-controlled jump pad, as you'll fall from the sky into the same area as the portal was found, providing a quick escape route if an enemy squad has you pinned. 

It was originally thought that the rifts might be able to transport you to different areas of the map - which would be especially handy now that the storm moves as well as shrinks in the later stages of a match - but it seems Epic is using these rifts as a kind of reset for players, rather than an actual portal. 

Interestingly, you can actually hear when another player has used a portal - and thus they can hear you - and it's this terrifying kind of ripping noise that can be heard from quite a way away, letting you know that someone has taken to the skies and can probably see you legging it towards the storm circle right now.

Where are the Fortnite Rift locations?

At first it may seem like the Fortnite rifts pop up at random across the map during a match, however there are fixed locations where you should always be able to find them. Pop along to the areas listed below for the best chance of accessing a rift - though bear in mind if another player has already used the rift during your match then it may not be in the same place.

  • B6 - Surrounding the Viking Village at the top of the mountain
  • C10 - An infinite rift is on the southern island, as a way to escape
  • D2 - Around the motel, west of Lazy Links
  • D3 - By the enormous burger, east of Pleasant Park
  • G9 - At the end of the road, where it falls off a cliff
  • H8 - Around the mountain with the rock bridge
  • I2 - Near the NOMS sign north-east of The Block
  • I3 - Inside the Wailing Woods facility is an infinite rift
  • I6 - Due west of the racetrack
  • I8 - North-west corner of Paradise Palms
  • I8 - South-west of Paradise Palms, around the mountain
  • I10 - Off the edge of the waterfall, so players can escape

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