Ahsoka episode 6 features a very meta joke about Star Wars that has delighted prequel fans

Huyang in Ahsoka episode 6
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Ahsoka episode 6 features a very meta joke about the Star Wars saga – and prequel fans are loving it. A warning that the following contains very light spoilers for the latest installment! 

In the episode, we catch up with Ahsoka Tano and her droid pal Huyang in the mouth of a purrgil, on their way to the distant galaxy in which Grand Admiral Thrawn (and Ezra Bridger) are exiled. 

On the way, Ahsoka brings up the stories Huyang used to tell the younglings at the Jedi Temple. "History of the galaxy, Parts One, Two, and Three," the droid recalls – and Ahsoka replies: "One being the best, of course."

The Skywalker Saga is divided up into three sets of movies: the original trilogy, the prequels, and the sequels. While Ahsoka could be saying the originals are the best, since, going by release order, they came first, fans have taken this as a loving shout out for the prequels and run with it. The prequels do come first chronologically after all, and, since Ahsoka herself is a character introduced in a prequel-era story, it makes the most sense for her to be giving The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith some appreciation. 

"Prequel gang stays winning," says one fan, while another speculates: "At the beginning of the episode, Huyang mentions three stories he knows, probably pointing to each trilogy. Ahsoka’s favorite was the first because her story began in the prequels"

"I'm choosing to read this as Dave [Filoni]'s sly meta way of saying that the prequels are 'the best of course,'" adds another viewer. "God I love being a prequel kid," another fan says, speaking for us all. 

Huyang's story begins with the familiar words "a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away," but we don't get to hear the rest of it. "I like to think Huyang would tell stories about our universe," says one viewer. "Alternatively, he'd tell of his historic battles with the Daleks." Huyang is voiced by David Tennant, AKA the 10th Doctor. "Huyang was going to talk about Gallifrey wasn't he?" jokes another fan, referencing the Doctor's home planet. 

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