SWTOR datacron locations guide


REPUBLIC - Willpower +2 (X: -362, Y: -148)

Located in the Research Level of the Dynamet General Hospital. Locate the entrance in picture / map A (coordinates -446, -165 - enter from the north).

Once inside, follow the corridor until you reach a split; take the right path and find the pile of junk blocking a hidden doorway in the above image (see appropriate map).

Jump over the junk pile and follow the path to the datacron.

REPUBLIC - Green Matrix Shard (X: 1055, Y: -187)

This requires TWO people to get. Enter the Abandoned Power Plant in the southern-most part of the Tularan Marsh (picture / map, coordinates 948, -176).

Once inside, find the control panel in above image (map coordinates 1062, -187).

One player must activate the panel while the other stands on top the venting unit right in front of the console (seen above). This will launch the player up on top of a series of pipes leading to the datacron.

REPUBLIC - Strength +2 OR Empire Presence +4 (X: 1186, Y: -137)

Enter Transport Station 5, which is located in the western edge of the Tularan Marsh (see above picture / map, coordinates 391, -185).

Follow the path to the northeastern most room and locate the ramp seen above (see map, coordinates 1127, -151).

Run along the thin pipe and jump up the catwalks to the datacron.

REPUBLIC - Aim +2 OR Empire Endurance +3 (X: -1513, Y: -273)

Enter the heroic area in the Republic Resettlement Zone and follow the path up the hill until you reach the wall structure above (coordinates -1375, -193). Jump up on the ledge and follow the railing on the wall.

Keep following the path and you’ll come to a grate just above a crashed ship.

Jump onto the hull of the ship and onto the pipe sticking out from the right side shown here.

Follow the pipe until it ends and hop down onto the ledge.

Follow it to the roof of a crashed ship seen here and jump down through the hull to reach the datacron.

REPUBLIC - Cunning +2 OR Empire Aim +4 (X: 1047, Y: -189)

Start at the location in picture / map in the Tularan Marsh (coordinates 1180, -169).

Run up the pipe and head to the ledge seen above.

Jump onto the flat area below and continue along the series of platforms to the left.

Then jump onto the wall-like structure in the image above and follow it to the datacron’s location.

EMPIRE - Willpower +4 (X: 443, Y: -151)

Head to the fallen pillar in the northeast section of The Sinking City (picture / map, coordinates 371, -219).

Run up the pillar, jump on to the platform to the right, and head underneath the pillar you used to get up top. Here you need to jump onto the dark-colored wall shown above.

Follow this path along and jump onto the next ledge.

This next part’s tricky; you’ll need to jump down onto the thin gray beam in the image above. Now just continue to follow the path along to the datacron.

EMPIRE - Cunning +4 (X: -642, Y: -299)

This one’s pretty simple to reach; head to the Abandoned Pirate Cave in the southwest corner of The Brell Sediment (picture / map, coordinates -751, -235).

Head inside and take the elevator down to the Republic Mines. Next, head to the room in the center. Jump up onto the forklift...

...and just jump around from the pipes and crates to reach the datacron.