Valheim player manages to build underwater with movement tricks

Valheim barley and flax
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Valheim players have discovered a clever way to build structures underwater.

Just below, you can see a clip from the Valheim subreddit, which exploded in popularity earlier today on March 25. In the comments underneath the clip, the original poster says that they discovered you can do anything you want underwater if your feet are touching the ground, including building.

Building underwater from r/valheim

"You can use 26° and 45° roof tiles or wooden beams to create a slope that will push you deeper underwater if you swim under it," the player explains. "If you are pushed deep enough so your feet touch the ground and are able to stay there, you will no longer be swimming (you will notice that your stamina bar starts replenishing) and will be free to use a hammer and build!"

The player in question then goes on to explain that sometimes you'll encounter problems while doing this, like the camera zooming out and hovering above the water. All things considered though, this is an excellent method of building underwater, and enables players to build detailed structures like bridges spanning across lakes and rivers.

This is just the latest in a very long line of impressive player discoveries from the Valheim community. The game undoubtedly invites player experimentation and discovery, but in the last few weeks we've seen the likes of players creating their own sundials to tell the best time to set out on an adventure, and someone even making their very own viking-themed pachinko board.

Iron Gate's game has been nothing short of a smash-hit success since it launched last within the last month, surpassing six million units sold worldwide. Celebrating the latest sales milestone last week, the developer revealed a cryptic teaser image of the first big update for the game, called Hearth and Home. There's not much to go on surrounding the update right now, but Valheim's developers are gradually turning away from bug fixing to developing new content.

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