Valheim console release on Xbox, but will PlayStation follow

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The much anticipated Valheim console release has finally happened, so if you're on Xbox Series X or Xbox One then the wait for the Viking afterlife is over, and you can play it for free if you have Xbox Game Pass. This joins the existing release of Valheim on PC Game Pass, and adding more platforms to this survival adventure naturally leads to questions about Valheim crossplay, and whether the game will extend further to reach PS5, PS4, or even Nintendo Switch at some time in the future. To catch you up on that, here's everything we know so far about the current situation and future Valheim console release plans.

Valheim PC and Xbox Game Pass release

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Valheim was initially only available on PC Game Pass as a game preview, as when developer Iron Gate announced their plans to bring the game to Game Pass, they stated the PC and Xbox releases would be separate, with PC access arriving first. The Valheim console release date was then confirmed for March 14, 2023 on Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and Xbox Game Pass. The console port was handled by two external teams, not by Iron Gate itself, so it didn't impact on the development of other content such as the Valheim Ashlands update.

Is Valheim coming to PlayStation or Nintendo Switch?

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Let’s start with the bad news for PS5, PS4, and Nintendo owners: since the initial Valheim console release is on Xbox Game Pass, it will likely remain exclusive to that platform for quite some time. On the bright side though, Valheim may still be ported to other consoles in the future. 

Although this wouldn’t be such an issue for Valheim on the PlayStation, a Switch version would likely need a lot of optimization in order to run. Also, don’t forget that the Switch is over five years old, so a potential Valheim Switch port would be far more interesting to its successor.

And that’s all we know about the Valheim console release on Xbox and other formats. Time to sharpen your axe, Game Pass players!

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