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No matter which Valheim guide you're looking for, we've got all bases covered. This is our extensive collection of everything you could possibly need to know about playing Valheim and surviving the Viking afterlife. From the best world seeds to the most powerful Valheim weapons and durable armor around, we're here to guide you through every aspect of this game that might be giving you trouble. Whether it's a tough boss or those pesky Seekers in the Mistlands you have questions about, we've really scoured the game for you and come up with the goods.

So, whether you’re looking to start a boar farm or you simply want to know how to enable cheats, here’s the only complete Valheim guide you'll need

Tips for beginners

Valheim guide

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Kicking things off is our basic Valheim tips article, which should be the first guide you read before you even boot the game up. This covers all the things you might not know about the game, including a lot of little tricks you can only pick up after playing for so long, so you can incorporate them into your game from the get-go.

Cheats and console commands

Few games have actual cheats these days, but Valheim is the exception to the rule. Thanks to the use of console commands, you can activate a genuine cheat mode, including things like god mode, revealing the entire map, healing yourself, raising your skill levels, and so much more. Just check out our Valheim cheats guide to learn all of the phrases to use.

Best world seeds


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Like most other procedurally-generated games, Valheim utilizes "seeds" to determine what the generation will be like as you explore. This means that if you find a particularly good seed and want to share it, other players can simply type in the same string to get your world. So our guide to Valheim seeds is all about some great worlds you can play on to begin your journey.

PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Switch versions

Valheim guide

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As is always the case when a game gets incredibly popular unexpectedly, people want to play it on their specific platform if they don't own the one(s) it's exclusive to.

 While it started out as a PC only title, it's official: Valheim Game Pass is on its way, meaning you'll be able to play the game on your Xbox One or Xbox Series X in the near future. Whether it will make its way to the PS5 or Switch is a whole other matter entirely, so watch this space for updates

Biomes and the order you should explore them in


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Much like Minecraft, Valheim has plenty of biomes throughout the world, each offering something new. The Valheim biomes are more progression-based though, as you're able to fight harder enemies, find new resources, and defeat tougher bosses as you venture into each one. Check out our guide for everything you need to know.

How to get and upgrade a Workbench

Valheim guide

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One of the first things you'll need to do is build a workbench, but how exactly do you do that? How do you cover it so it can actually be used? How do you upgrade the workbench to build bigger and better things? Our Valheim workbench guide explains all, so you can start building a base and upgrading your tools.

Repair mechanics for tools and buildings explained

Getting your head round the Valheim repair mechanics isn't quite as straightforward at first, until you know how it works. Repairing your tools and buildings is a crucial element of Valheim – especially when a troll comes and throws rocks at your base – so make sure you check our guide to understand how it works.

How to get the Thunder Stone and Obliterator 

Maybe you haven’t heard about it yet, but the Obliterator is a pretty important Valheim station. It’s used to zap stuff, so it’s basically your litter bin. You need very specific materials to get it though, such as the Thunder Stone. If you need help finding and crafting the Valheim Thunder Stone and Obliterator, here’s how to do it. 

Where to find the merchant

Valheim guide

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There's one trader in Valheim and his name is Haldor, but unfortunately he can be quite elusive. Finding the Valheim merchant involves a lot of luck because his spawn is essentially random, but there are some things you need to know about where he can be before you start searching, which is where our guide comes in handy.

Crafting progression explained

Despite it being an open world, procedurally generated game, Valheim actually has an unwritten progression sequence. Our Valheim crafting progression guide is the perfect companion for new players who are wondering where to go or what to do next, because it lists the core resources you can obtain in order to progress further through the game and keep defeating the five bosses.

Best weapons for killing trolls and draugr alike

Best Valheim weapons tier list

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You can craft all manner of weaponry as a resourceful viking, but what are the best Valheim weapons? Whether you want to wield an atgeir or axe, this tier list of the best melee and ranged weapons in Valheim has everything you need to know about which ones you should be prioritising.

Best armor to defend yourself from enemies

They do say defence is the best form of offense, so along with the best weapons, you need to ensure you have the best Valheim armor. You can make troll armor fairly early in the game, but are the buffs still worth using over things like bronze, iron, and wolf? Read our guide to find out.

How to tame boars

Valheim guide

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If you fancy being an animal whisperer, you can befriend boars (and other animals) in Valheim and start an animal farm. Hopefully less dystopian than the novel, mind. It takes a lot of patience though, so if you want to get some animals on your side, check out our guide on how to tame boars in Valheim, which includes details on wolves and loxes as well.

How to plant seeds

Along with the aforementioned seeds relating to world generation, you can also obtain the other type of seeds that you plant in the ground in Valheim. Farming is a huge component of the game for a consistent food source, but even though you may find carrot seeds fairly early on, you can't plant them right away. Here's everything you need to know about how to plant seeds in Valheim.

Flint and where to find it

Valheim flint

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Valheim flint is one of those resources you'll need throughout your entire time with the game, but it can be frustratingly time consuming to collect, even though it isn't particularly difficult. From the get-go though, you'll need to know exactly where to find flint in Valheim, so check out our guide to find out.

Where to find barley and flax

These are two resources that you won't have need for until a bit later in the game, but when the option does arise, chances are you won't have the faintest of ideas of where to search. So that;s where our Valheim barley and flax guide comes in, as the pair can usually be found alongside one another, despite having vastly different uses.

Ymir Flesh and what it's used for

Valheim guide

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You'll first spot Ymir Flesh when you find the aforementioned merchant in Valheim, because he has it for sale in his stock. You're given no information on what exactly Valheim Ymir Flesh is though and whether it's worth dropping the coins on, so our guide helps with all the uses Ymir Flesh has and whether it's worth buying or not.

Silver and how to mine it

Silver is one of the harder resources to obtain in Valheim, not least because of the fact it can only be found in Mountain biomes. When you're eventually at the stage where you can obtain Valheim silver, our guide will help you find it, including how to use the Wishbone.

Black Metal and where to find it

Valheim Black Metal

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Once you've got enough silver and you're done with the Mountain biome, Valheim Black Metal should be the next goal. This is currently the strongest material in the game and can be used to create some seriously powerful weaponry. Read our guide to learn all you need to know about it.

How to summon and defeat the Elder

Valheim guide

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Now we're onto the bosses. The second boss in the game is the first you might struggle with, so our guide on the Valheim Elder explains how to summon it, how to defeat it, the power you'll get for taking it down, and more.

How to summon and defeat Bonemass

Valheim bonemass

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Bonemass is the third boss in the game, found in the Swamp biome. This is where the game starts to get seriously difficult and as a result, you should refer to our Valheim Bonemass guide which has details on how to summon it and kill it, once you've got strong enough gear.

How to defeat Valheim Seekers

These ugly bug creatures pack a nasty punch, and the Mistlands are crawling with them. Here's everything you'll need to defeat Valheim Seekers quickly and easily. You can even use them to farm for loot, something we go through in our guide.

How to summon and defeat Moder 

Valheim moder

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Boss number four, Moder, is a toughie. This is the Mountains boss and by this point, you'll have countless hours in Valheim, gearing up and preparing for this fight against a huge dragon. For help summoning and defeating the Valheim Moder boss, our guide has everything you need.

How to summon and defeat The Queen

Valheim Queen

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The Queen is the big boss of the Valheim Mistlands, and if you're having trouble defeating her, we have everything you need to know to beat the Valheim Queen. She's a big gross bug, but don't let that put you off. There's a lot more you need to know if you want to stomp this pest out for good.

How to summon and defeat Yagluth

If you've tried and failed to beat him, don't fret. Our guide to find and defeat Valheim Yagluth will have you snapping his brittle bones in no time. He's the true big bad boss of the game, so you need to keep your wits about you for this one.

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