How to summon The Queen in Valheim and defeat it

Valheim Queen
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Defeating the Valheim Queen will be your endgame objective once you’ve completly explored the Mistlands biome. To reach her, you'll of course have defeated the Plains Boss, and obtained most of the Mistlands-based Valheim weapons and armour. The Queen is a strong boss, not dissimilar to her cockroach-like Valheim Seekers that cover the biome and make life difficult enough, so you'll need to bring your A game if you plan to beat her.

Like many of her fellow Valheim bosses, the massive insect overlord is hard to find and even harder to slay. So whether you need Mistlands boss fight tips, more Sealbreaker Fragments, or info about The Queen’s attack patterns, this guide will help you out on your quest to find and beat the Valheim Mistlands boss.

How to summon The Queen in Valheim

How to summon the Valheim Queen

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You'll need the Queens' location, and the key to her lair, the Infested Citadel if you want to summon and fight the Mistlands boss. 

To do that you'll need to look out for Mistlands Vegvisirs: clear Biome dungeons, Infested Mines in this case, until you find a little red runestone inside. Interact with this Vegvisir runestone, and The Queen’s location will appear on your map. 

How to find a Valheim Sealbreaker Key

How to find a Valheim Sealbreaker Key

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Instead of the Queen’s summoning material, you need an item called the ‘Sealbreaker Key’ to gain access to The Queen. While she does have a Sacrificial Altar (more on that belwo), the first fight only requires you to open the door to the Infested Citadel. Once inside, The Queen will already be waiting for you.

Sealbreaker Keys are made from Sealbreaker Fragments, which are found in Infested Mines, the Mistlands dungeons. They’re displayed on small stone blocks with breakable barriers (see the picture above). You need a total of nine Sealbreaker Fragments to make a single Sealbreaker Key. Unfortunately, there's an element of chance as some Mines won’t contain any Sealbreaker Fragments at all. 

Once you’ve got nine Stonebreaker Fragments, use a Galdr Table to craft a Sealbreaker Key and open the door to The Queen’s lair with it whenever you’re ready.  

Valheim The Queen Boss attacks

Valheim Queen attacking

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To prepare you for a rather horrifying boss fight, here’s an overview of The Queen’s attacks and what she's capable of: 

  • Single leg hit: if you get within melee range, The Queen will strike with a single front leg. This attack has a lot of range and will hit you if you’re less than a few metres away.
  • Multiple leg stomp: also triggered in close-range, The Queen will lift up and slam all her front legs into the ground. This attack doesn’t have much range.
  • Head slam: The Queen tries to crush you with her head. Try to dodge sideways.
  • Poisonous breath: deals poison damage and spawns Seeker Brood. It has a high range. 
  • Forward run: The Queen charges at you, running you over if you don’t jump to the side.
  • Diving underground: The Queen will occasionally disappear into the ground, leaving you alone with the Seekers. This is a great opportunity to rid yourself of her cockroach minions.

Beware that The Queen doesn’t live alone; the Infested Citadel is full of Valheim Seekers and Seeker Brood enemies. Their attacks are the same as elsewhere in the Mistlands.

Easiest way to defeat The Queen in Valheim

Where to stand to cheese the Valheim Queen

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An easy shortcut to defeat the Mistlands Boss is to lure The Queen back to the entrance of the Infested Citadel and stay inside the small entry hall. The Queen won’t be able to harm you, but you can still harm her (even through the wall). The only danger are the Seekers, who may follow.

Of course, this a bit of a cheat, and it’s possible that the developers will disable this shortcut in the future. If you’d rather face The Queen in a fair fight, take a look at the combat tips below. 

Valheim The Queen Boss combat tips

The Valheim Queen in action

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This is not going to be an easy fight so before you visit The Queen, make sure you have the best food, weapons, and armour available, and level up your skills. If you’re playing solo, it’s best to use a ranged weapon and stay out of reach. If you’re playing co-op, it’s handy to divide combat roles, with at least one tank-like build (using Carapace Armour) and one mage (using Eitr Armour). 

Here are a few more tips to help you take her down:

  • Unfortunately, even the Infested Citadel is full of mist. To improve your field of view, always bring a Wisplight.
  • Lure the Seekers away from The Queen and get rid of them first. It can be useful to awaken and kill Seeker Brood larvae on purpose, so you don’t have to worry about them later. 
  • Wear the Feather Cape. During the fight, you’ll be climbing stairs and occasionally jumping (or falling) down, so protecting yourself against fall damage is absolutely essential. 
  • The Eitr weapons, Staff of Embers and Staff of Frost, are quite effective against The Queen. They will allow you to save stamina and keep your distance. The same goes for the crossbow, which is therefore a better option than the bow.
  • Alternatively, fast Mistlands-based melee weapons with extra elemental damage, such as the Himmin Afl, can be a great choice. Be very careful though; you’d have to be well-versed in dodging to survive a melee fight against The Queen. 

Valheim The Queen Boss Forsaken Power and drops

Forsaken Power and drops from the Valheim Queen

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As always, defeating a new Biome Boss unlocks a new Forsaken power. To unlock it, pick up The Queen’s Trophy and hang it on the corresponding Summoning Stone at the centre of the map. Using The Queen’s Forsaken Power will grant you the following effects:

  • Faster mining
  • Eitr regeneration +100%

How to summon The Queen again

The Altar where you can re-summon the Valheim Queen

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After defeating The Queen for the first time, you have the option to summon her again using the summoning altar, which is located on the highest level of the Infested Citadel. You don’t need a new Sealbreaker Key to re-enter the dungeon, but you do need to place The Queen’s summoning materials, three Seeker Soldier trophies, on the altar. As the name suggests, they’re occasionally dropped by Seeker Soldiers. 

Best of luck on your crusade against the Valheim Queen!

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