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The Valheim Mistlands update, Mountains, roadmap and more explained

valheim update
(Image credit: Iron Gate)

The Valheim Mistlands update will be the next big thing coming to the Viking survival game. Developer Iron Gate recently confirmed that the team has started working on this new Biome. Of course, there’s still a lot we don’t know. But for those of you eager to explore this rocky, skull-filled terrain, here’s everything we know about Mistlands so far.

Oh, and good news for those who can’t wait to discover new content: besides Mistlands, Valheim will receive several smaller updates, the first of which has already arrived. If you want to learn more about the recent Swamp update or the upcoming Mountain Caves update, we got you covered!

The Mistlands biome is the next major Valheim update is 

Valheim mistlands update

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

The Mistlands will be the first new biome since Valheim launched in early access. Since every Valheim biome has its own unique landscape, creatures, and final boss, the Mistlands update is expected to have a bigger impact on the game than Hearth and Home, which focused on building materials and food upgrades. 

So far, we know that the Valheim team is working on the Mistlands’ terrain and textures (see picture). It looks like the Mistlands will get a grassy surface in a moist environment. And (no big surprise here) we can spot some of the mist in the distance. Iron Gate also confirmed that the landscape is taking shape as shown in the picture posted by CEO Richard Svensson:

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As some of you may know, the Mistlands have actually been part of the Valheim world from the start, but the landscape is temporary and there aren’t any creatures yet. The two Mistlands pictures we’ve seen so far don’t show any of the barren trees, cobwebs, mist flares, and giant skulls as previously found in the game yet.

Valheim Mistlands release date

Valheim mistlands update

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

There’s no release date for Mistlands just yet. Given that it’s likely to be much bigger than Hearth and Home, we shouldn’t expect it before 2022.

However, Iron Gate mentioned that they’re also working on smaller updates. These are meant to be released before Mistlands, so you might want to keep an eye out for those. The first minor update, taking place in the Swamp, has already arrived. The Mountain Caves update will follow, but we don’t know the release date yet.

Valheim Swamp update

valheim update

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

As the first smaller update since the Hearth and Home release, Valheim received some upgrades to the Swamp Biome on November 25. This came as a surprise and is not linked to the upcoming Mountain Caves update (more on that below).

The Swamp update adds the following enemies and items to Valheim:

  • Abominations: the new Swamp mini-bosses. They look like tree stumps and tend to spawn in open water. 
  • Abomination Trophy: gained by defeating the Abomination.
  • Root: a new material dropped by the Abominations. 
  • Root armour: a new armour set made from Roots, Ancient Bark, and Deer Hide.

Valheim Mountain biome update

Valheim mistlands update

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

At least one of the smaller updates Iron Gate is preparing takes place in the Mountain Biome. Judging by two new pictures from Iron Gate (see above and below), it seems that this snowy and inhospitable region will get some cave areas. As both the entrance and the stone formation in the pictures look suspiciously creature-made, perhaps we’ll get to see some new lifeforms.

The team has since hinted that we “may or may not” expect to see some lupine creatures hidden in the caves. In other words, it’s time to start hoping (fearing) for a crazy wolf-like mountain cult.

Keep in mind that this is just concept art, and doesn’t show the final product yet.

Valheim mistlands update

(Image credit: Iron Gate)

Valheim roadmap: Cult of the Wolf, and Ships and the Sea

Some Valheim players are wondering what happened to the original roadmap published earlier in 2021. There were four updates planned for this year, of which the first (Hearth and Home) has arrived. As Mistlands was originally meant to be the fourth update of this year, that leaves update number two, ‘Cult of the Wolf’, and update number three, ‘Ships and the Sea’. 

As Cult of the Wolf would’ve focused on wolves, the Mountains, and possibly new creatures (the ‘cult’ part), it looks like the content planned for this update will be part of the upcoming Mountain Caves expansion instead.

As for the ships update, this could also become a smaller pre-Mistlands update. However, as we haven’t heard anything about ships for a while, this update may also be postponed or become part of the next big update after Mistlands.

We only got the concept art, early development pictures, and our imagination, but it’s never too early to start dreaming of new Valheim adventures, right?

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