How to mine Valheim Black Marble from Petrified Bone

Valheim Black Marble
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Valheim Black Marble is a base type of stone that can be acquired from the Mistlands biome, and it provides a fresh type of building material that is both strong and visually impressive, allowing you to construct a palace of marble if you so desire. It's not all about looks though, as Black Marble is also an essential material in the assembly of the Black Forge crafting station, so it pays to know where to get it from. Be warned that the process of finding Black Marble and using it to build a Black Forge isn't easy, as you'll no doubt expect if you already have experience in Valheim, but it's less stressful if you know in advance where you should be looking. To set you on the right path, here’s everything you need to know about Valheim Black Marble and how to get it.

How to find Valheim Black Marble

1. Craft a Black Metal Pickaxe

Valheim Black Marble

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Before we start looking for sources of Black Marble in the Mistlands, you need to have the right tool to mine it: a Black Metal Pickaxe. Unlike most Black Metal items, which can be crafted in the Plains biome, the Black Metal Pickaxe is a Mistlands tool that requires Yggdrasil Wood.

Yggdrasil Wood is obtained by chopping down Yggdrasil trees with a Black Metal Axe. Almost every tree in the Mistlands drops Yggdrasil Wood, so this should be easy. Here’s the full Black Metal Pickaxe crafting recipe:

  • Black Metal x25
  • Yggdrasil Wood x3

2. Find Petrified Bone 

Valheim Black Marble

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Now that you have the right tool to mine Black Marble, you need to find a Black Marble vein, called Petrified Bone. Unfortunately, Petrified Bone is only found in Dvergr settlements like the one in the picture, and it will take some time before you find one. Once you do, the Petrified Ore will be placed in the middle of the encampment, ready to be mined (the large rock, also visible in the picture). 

However, beware that the Dvergr won’t be happy about you stealing their items. It’s easier to clear the encampment of its inhabitants before touching the Petrified Bone.

If you’d rather avoid a confrontation, you can also obtain Black Marble by destroying abandoned ruins in the Mistlands. Place a Workbench and Stonecutter crafting station and then use the destruction option (default middle mouse button) on a piece of wall, flooring, or roof. The main downside to this method is that you’ll only get a small stack of Marble, but at least there won’t be any angry dwarves to worry about.

How to craft a Black Forge in Valheim

Valheim Black Marble

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It’s highly recommended to use your first stack of Black Marble for a Black Forge crafting station. This is the most important Mistlands-related station, as it’s used for an abundance of new weapons and armour. Besides Black Marble, you also need Yggdrasil Wood and Black Core to build it.

As you already gathered some Yggdrasil Wood to craft the Black Metal Pickaxe, simply repeat the act and chop down a few more Mistlands trees. The Black Core is trickier to obtain, as you’ll have to enter the Infested Mines. The entrance can be found inside old towers or atop large stone staircases (see picture). Once inside, the purple-glowing Black Cores are easy to spot. Be prepared to face plenty of Seekers and Ticks though! 

With Black Marble, Yggdrasil Wood, and Black Cores in your pocket, you have everything you need for the Black Forge recipe:

  • Black Marble x10
  • Yggdrasil Wood x10
  • Black Core x5
  • Workbench

How to use Valheim Black Marble  

Valheim Black Marble

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As one of the Mistlands’ base resources, Black Marble has many uses. So, once your Black Forge is in place, have a look at the other Black Marble crafting recipes: 

  • Black Forge: crafting station.
  • Black Forge Cooler: extension to upgrade the Black Forge.
  • Eitr Refinery: crafting station used to turn Sap into Refined Eitr.
  • Rune Table: Galdr Table extension (you don’t need Black Marble for the Galdr Table itself).
  • Black Marble furniture: throne, bench, and table.
  • Black Marble building blocks.
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