Valheim seeds list and all the best worlds we've found

Valheim seeds
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Valheim seeds determine the lay of the land, setting out the map you'll be exploring during your adventures, so picking the right code can generate the world of your dreams... or drop you right in the middle of a nightmare! If you want all of the resources and different biomes on your doorstep to cut down on travel time, you can make that happen. Prefer to have a bunch of bosses within walking distance? There's a seed for that too. There are many options available, and all you need to do to get them is create a new Valheim world and enter your preferred world seed.

Naturally, you can search for the best Valheim seeds online, but we’re saving you the trouble with our curated world seed list. Of all the Valheim seeds we’ve tried (and that’s a lot), these world seeds stood out for their beauty, practical advantages, or special challenges. Enjoy your new Valheim map!

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Best Valheim seeds list


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The best Valheim world seed: HHcLC5acQt

valheim seeds

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This one is famous, and for good reason: every Valheim biome and boss is nearby, there are plenty of resources, nice views, and Valheim merchant Haldor is just a short walk away. All of these locations can be reached by foot, so that’s great for those of you who aren’t too fond of sailing. 

Most beautiful scenery: CdjvRssbHZ

Epic views everywhere, right from the moment of spawning. Just follow the river to the west (don’t fall down the cliffs!) to find a stunning river delta with a gorgeous lake. You can use the tiny islands for building if you want. A little bit further north of the lake, you’ll see a giant Mountain. Not the worst place to build your longhouse, right?

The one-way seed: IX7JpLYpLd 

valheim seeds

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If you don’t want to cross half the globe before finally finding some boss altars, this is the seed for you. Not only does it spawn you right next to Eikthyr, but you just have to walk south to find The Elder, the Trader, and three other biomes with bosses.

Best starting area for explorers: sZFUrABLgu 

This world’s spawn point is surrounded by thick forest and an unusually rocky terrain. It’s almost as if the game wanted to create a Mountain area, but then changed its mind. It’s a fun map for exploration-enthusiasts, as you have no idea where to go and what to expect. 

Beginner-friendly Eikthyr seed: Odin 

valheim seeds

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An easy Valheim seed to remember, and a great choice if you want to confront Valheim’s first boss. The nearest Eikthyr altar is a 15 second run to the east. Besides that, the Odin seed offers beautiful Meadows with plenty of rivers and a nearby Elder. As you don’t need to build a boat for quite some time, it’s a very good starting world. 

Best Moder seed: castle 

Mind that this seed starts with a lowercase ‘c’. This Valheim world has very little to do with castles, but it’s great if you want to find Moder quickly. Moder tends to be one of the most difficult bosses to find, which may have something to do with the fact that’s she’s sitting on a huge Mountain (and you don’t know which one). In this world, just go northeast and climb the first Mountain you see; Moder’s altar is at the top, southside.

Hardest seed: yfNmtqZ5mh 

valheim seeds

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This world is a nightmare. You spawn on a small island with just a tiny patch of Meadow biome. The rest is Black Forest. If you come too close to the border, you’ll be met by angry Greydwarves whom you can’t possibly escape. As a nice bonus, the Swamps and Plains are very far away. Good luck surviving this one! 

Best beehive seed: Gremlin 

Want to keep bees? There are no less than 15 beehives surrounding the spawn point on this map. If you run southwest, you’ll find several of them. Look out for the open area with the little wooden shacks; you should see the bees flying around. 

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