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Valheim seeds - a list of all the best worlds we've found

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The best Valheim seeds create worlds from its otherwise procedural generation. These numbers help you generate specific worlds that might be easier, harder, or have known locations for specific bosses, characters or items. They're sort of like cheats but only in the sense of letting you shape the world you spawn - you still have to do the work yourself if you want to progress. Sometimes, Valheim seeds can just create something interesting or challenging to explore - oddities and difficult areas to break up the usual grind. This is a list of the best Valheim seeds we've found and absolutely worth looking at when you go to generate a new world in Valheim.

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Best Valheim seeds list


(Image credit: Coffee Stain Publishing)

Valheim hasn't been out for very long so as a result, the best Valheim seeds are still being discovered and this list will be updated over time. Read the brief description below each one to know what you'll encounter.


This seed places you in a Meadows biome to begin with, which is one of the more beginner-friendly environments. You're near a huge lake – great for fishing – and nearby is a big plains with plenty of boars to hunt.


Apologies for the seed itself, but this world is a great one if you're looking for a vendor (credit to Devilduckcr on the Valheim wiki). Head directly south along the coast from your starting location and you'll find the merchant in no time. Haldor will sell you some unique items and buy things off you, so he's useful to know the location of.


This one is another good one for beginners, as it places you in the middle of the Meadows biome with plenty of trees around, next to a Swamp. The Swamp is extra useful because you can find plenty of hostile creatures to kill, along with being the main source of Iron Ore.


For a more difficult seed, try this one out. You'll start in the Mountains biome which is covered in snow, therefore cold, and there are plenty of hostile creatures out there to get you like Wolves and Drakes. It is the place where you'll find both Obsidian and Silver Ore though, so if you can survive, it makes it worthwhile.

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