How to get Valheim flint and what it can be used for

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Looking for flint in Valheim? Flint is one of Valheim’s sneakiest resource; it’s obtainable right from the start, but it’s extremely easy to overlook. If you don’t happen to scour a riverbed or coastline for resources, chances are that you’ll miss out on a lot of flint.

And we don’t want that to happen, because flint is a handy resource to have. It’s used to craft some of the best Valheim weapons like the Flint Spear, Flinthead Arrows, the Tanning Rack, the Chopping Block… All sorts of items that you don’t want to miss. So, in order to find flint in Valheim, here’s what to do.

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How to get flint in Valheim

Valheim flint

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Unlike Minecraft, where you obtain flint by destroying gravel, Valheim flint can simply be found laying on the ground. You just need to be in a specific area.

Flint in Valheim is always on the beach by coastal areas or river banks. You're never too far from bodies of water thanks to how the Valheim world generation works, so if you pick a direction and run for a few minutes, chances are you'll find water.

Look along the ground near the edge of the water and you'll spot some pale rocks. This is what flint looks like and while collecting enough flint can take a while, it's not a particularly difficult job. Flint respawns frequently too, so you're able to continue combing the same beach every few in-game days.

How to use flint in Valheim

Valheim flint

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Flint is used for a number of different recipes in Valheim, but the main ones are to do with weaponry. The Flint Spear is one of the best early-game weapons you can craft, while Flinthead Arrows are cheap to craft and are great at taking down enemies from range. Then there's also the Flint Axem which is stronger than a Stone Axe and an important upgrade. Make sure you collect and store a lot of flint, because it will be useful – especially for arrows – throughout your entire Valheim experience.

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