How to plant seeds in Valheim to grow food and trees

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Planting seeds in Valheim is a great way to have access to a reliable source of food. As one of the best survival games, it stand to reason that foraging is a large part of Valheim. It might sound like an arduous slog, but growing and harvesting your own vegetables and trees means that you'll have no shortage of sustenance and other resources to keep you healthily stocked as you explore the lush world.

Here’s where to find every Valheim seed type and how to plant the seeds, whether it be a carrot or turnip. We’ll explain how to care for the crops too, which is surprisingly easy. You will still have many survival-related worries once it’s done, but at least finding a reliable food source won't be one of them.

How to plant seeds in Valheim

How to plant seeds in Valheim

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So there are two types of seeds you can obtain in Valheim. The first are food seeds, of which there are currently two types:

  • Carrot seeds – Black Forest
  • Turnip seeds – Swamp

Along with three types of tree seeds:

  • Beech seeds – Meadows
  • Fir cones – Black Forest
  • Pine cones – Black Forest

In order to plant and start growing them, you're going to need to craft a Cultivator, which requires five Core Wood and five Bronze to make. A Hoe – five Wood and two Stone – will also be useful to flatten the ground first.

With the Cultivator in your hands, left click to turn grass into soil. Then, with it still equipped, open your inventory and select a seed. Click on the ground and voila! The seed will be planted. You don't need to tend to them or water them, thankfully they'll grow by themselves over time.

How to plant seeds in Valheim

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Harvesting carrots and turnips unfortunately doesn't provide you with seeds to replant and grow more though, so in order to have a recycling food farm, you need to craft a Cauldron, which just needs 10 Tin, a fire below it, and a Forge in the vicinity. Craft either Carrot Soup or Turnip Stew, and you'll unlock the respective seed plant. Head back to your farm and select the seed plant in the Cultivator build menu to grow your own carrot and turnip seeds.

Valheim Ancient Seeds explained

Wondering what Ancient Seeds are used for? Unfortunately, these are nothing to do with farming. As it stands, Ancient Seeds only have one use in Valheim, and that's to do with the Valheim Elder summon process. You need to sacrifice Ancient Seeds to spawn the second boss in the game, so they can't be planted to grow anything, disappointingly.

Here's a look at all the Valheim biomes so you don't get lost on your adventures.

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