How to find a Valheim Thunder Stone and craft an Obliterator

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The Valheim Obliterator is a welcome addition to the game, as it’s the only way to destroy items or equipment you no longer want. Gone are the days of digging a hole and burying your spare stone axes deep underground. From now on, you can put your junk in the Obliterator and let Odin’s lightning bolts work their magic.

The main difficulty of crafting an Obliterator is finding the Valheim Thunder Stone. It’s an essential item, but it’s also very rare. This guide will explain where to find the Thunder Stone, and how to use the Obliterator.

 What does the Valheim Obliterator do? 

Valheim Thunder Stone Obliterator

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The name ‘Obliterator’ probably gave it away, but this dangerous mechanism is used to destroy items. You may be wondering why anyone would want to get rid of items, but it’s actually a pretty handy device if you got tools, weapons, or armor you don’t use. 

Before Hearth and Home, you would have to place these items in a chest, throw them on the floor, or take the trouble of dumping them in the ocean. Thanks to the Obliterator, you no longer have to.

 How to craft the Obliterator in Valheim 

Valheim Thunder Stone Obliterator

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The Obliterator recipe is quite simple if you know where to look. In fact, veteran Valheim players will probably be able to make one within a few minutes, especially if they’ve already found Haldor the Trader. Here’s the full Obliterator crafting recipe:

  • A Forge. Make sure you’re close to a Forge, or you won’t be able to build the Obliterator.
  • Eight pieces or Iron.
  • Four pieces of Copper.
  • One Thunder Stone. Obtainable from the Trader.

 How to get a Thunder Stone in Valheim 

Valheim Thunder Stone Obliterator

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The only way to get a Thunder Stone, is by buying it from Haldor the Trador. This blue merchant dwarf is stationed somewhere in the Black Forest Biome. However, as there’s only one Haldor per Valheim world, it can take quite a long time to discover him by yourself. 

If you want to find Haldor quickly, you may use this World Seed: p3k4p6xiXi. Go south until you see the Trader icon appear on the minimap (it’s still quite a long walk, but you can’t miss him). Oh, and watch out for the nearby Greydwarf nest.

Interact with Haldor to buy his wares. The Thunder Stone is the lowest item on the list, and can be bought for 50 Gold. If you don’t have enough coins though, explore a few Crypts or kill some Trolls first. Once you got the stone, just return to the main menu and enter the World in which you want to build the Obliterator.

 How to build and use the Obliterator 

Valheim Thunder Stone Obliterator

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Once you have all the items needed for the Obliterator crafting recipe, you have to find an empty piece of land close to your Forge. Make sure it’s not too close to walls or other items, because the Obliterator may do damage in a small radius around it.

Furthermore, you need to even the ground. If it’s uneven or overgrown with grass and bushes, use the Cultivator tool to fix it. After placing the Obliterator with your building Hammer, press ‘E’ to open its inventory and place the items you want to dispose of inside. Leave this menu and pull the level on the right side of the machine to initiate the obliteration. 

Doing this will attract a lightning strike, which (besides looking cool) empties the Obliterator’s full inventory. Note that you may occasionally see the text “Thor has bestowed a gift upon you” after using the machine. Don’t get your hopes up though; it just means you’ll find some coal inside. If you don’t want it, just pull the lever again.

Let’s meet up with Haldor, get the Thunder Stone, and build the Obliterator! 

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