How to get Valheim Black Metal and craft Black Metal gear

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Need to find Black Metal in Valheim? Of course you do, because Black Metal is a resource used for some of the most powerful weapons in the game: the Black Metal Axe, the Black Metal Sword, the Black Metal Tower Shield… And many others. Oh, and did we mention that you need it to ride Loxes? That’s right, if you want a noble steed, you need Black Metal for that as well.

Finding Black Metal deposits is hard though, since they don’t exist. That’s right; this resource cannot be obtained by mining. Don’t worry though; here’s how to find Black Metal in Valheim, plus every Black Metal crafting recipe. 

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How to get Black Metal in Valheim

Valheim Black Metal

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In order to craft Black Metal Bars, you need to first acquire Black Metal Scrap. How do you get Black Metal Scrap, I hear you ask? By killing Fulings! These vicious goblins, only found in the Plains biome, drop Black Metal Scrap upon death. So if you want to craft and upgrade a bunch of different Black Metal weapons, then you're going to need to slay a shed load of Fulings.

Once you have Black Metal Scrap, you need to turn it into Black Metal Bars, which is done via the use of a Blast Furnace. This does the same thing as the Smelter, but is used for higher tier gear. You can craft a Blast Furnace with an Artisan Table (20 Stone, 5 Surtling Cores, 10 Iron, 20 Fine Wood). Once you have a Blast Furnace, you'll obtain Black Metal Bars by smelting the Black Metal Scrap.

From here, you can start to craft the following Black Metal weapons:

  • Black Metal Atgeir
  • Black Metal Axe
  • Black Metal Knife
  • Black Metal Shield
  • Black Metal Sword
  • Black Metal Tower Shield

These will be immensely useful when taking on Yagluth, so good luck!

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