How to summon the Valheim Yagluth boss and defeat it

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The Valheim Yagluth boss is one extremely aggressive skeleton. Don't be fooled by the pink glow; he's anything but twee, and no doubt looks far more intimidating than any Forsaken you’ll have faced so far. Yagluth is the boss of the Plains Valheim biome, and he's every bit as brutal as you think.

There's no need to panic, though, because this guide contains everything you need to summon him and crush those bones into dust. All you need are Fuling Totems, a Vegvisir with the Yagluth Sacrificial Altar location, and a lot of courage. Oh, and perhaps the Yagluth location map and world seed below can be of help too. Best of luck against the fifth Valheim boss; you're going to need it.

Where to find the Valheim Yagluth location

Valheim Yagluth

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You’ve probably done a lot of world exploration by now, so there’s a good chance you’ve already encountered the Plains biome. Otherwise, just start sailing (using Moder’s Forsaken Power) until you see a brownish landmass with only a few trees. This is where you need to be to find Yagluth’s vegvisir, or location runestone. 

Unlike the previous bosses, Yagluth’s location is quite easy to spot from afar. As you can see in the picture, his altar is surrounded by very large rocks in the shape of a hand.

How to get Fuling Totems to summon Yagluth

Valheim Yagluth

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Knowing Yagluth’s location is not enough, you also need some items to summon him. Yagluth will spawn after you place 5 Fuling Totems at his sacrificial altar. Fulings are the green, goblin-like creatures you can find everywhere in the Plains biome. Enter their camps to find the Totems. Note that you don’t need to defeat every Fuling to get it; just entering the camp, grabbing it and running away will suffice.

How to find Yagluth and the Fuling Totems easily - use this World Seed

Valheim Yagluth

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Ready to face Yagluth but don’t want to spend a lot of time searching for him? Then you can use this Valheim world seed: RtE9ytMifX. You can see Yagluth’s location in the picture. 

As you can see, the Plains are quite large on this map. You will find a few Fuling encampments surrounding Yagluth’s altar, so pay them a visit if you’re looking for more Fuling Totems.

How to defeat the Valheim Yagluth boss

Valheim Yagluth

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Yagluth’s melee attack is a fist slam with a small area of effect. His larger area of effect attack creates a meteor shower, which you can avoid by running away or seeking shelter beneath the rocks surrounding the sacrificial altar. Be sure to keep an eye on his fists; the blue glow means the melee attack is incoming, and the orange glow announces the meteor shower. Finally, as his ranged attack, Yagluth breathes fire. Beware of its large reach!

On the bright side though, Yagluth moves very slowly (he has no legs, after all). So if you keep your distance, you should be able to outrun his attacks. It’s a good idea to craft the best Valheim bow, the Draugr Fang, as well as a large stack of needle arrows. You should also consider crafting Padded Armor before starting this fight.

The Yagluth Forsaken Power in Valheim

Thanks to Bonemass, you already got the Forsaken ability to decrease physical damage. Once you defeat Yagluth, you will also gain the Forsaken Power to decrease all elemental damage. You will be far better protected against fire damage, poison damage, and frost damage. Very useful when exploring the Swamp, Mountains, and Plains!

To activate this power, you need to bring Yagluth’s Trophy to the starting location and place it on the altar. The Trophy is currently the only item dropped by Yagluth.

You are pretty much the Viking God of Valheim by now, congratulations! Remember to keep an eye out for updates bringing new bosses and biomes. And in the meantime, let’s build a few more Viking villages!

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