Valheim pachinko board is a feat of Viking casino architecture

Valheim pachinko
(Image credit: Iron Gate Studio/Reddit user Eonwulf)

Valheim pachinko is now a thing, but you don't have to head down to your local parlor to play it.

Reddit user Eonwulf shared their creation, a fully functioning and truly massive in-game pachinko board on the Valheim subreddit. The whole thing is made out of wood flooring for that nice parquet background effect, round log posts to serve as giant pegs, and iron gates that cover the playing field to keep the ball from falling out (and also allowing for easy ball retrieval, since they open and close).

Who doesn't like pachinko? from r/valheim

In this case the "ball" is a dragon egg, which is the roundest item that Eonwulf could find - it still gets stuck every now and then, but I imagine it does a whole lot better than dropping giant tumbling troll heads into the board. Better to save those for your morbid Thomas the Tank Engine recreations.

If you're wondering how Eonwulf pulled this off - or just how they manage to fly around the world so they can daintily drop in those dragon eggs - the answer is debug mode, which you can learn to access by checking out our guide to Valheim cheats. Being able to fly and access unlimited resources makes massive builds like this and recreating the Valheim Notre Dame cathedral a whole lot easier, though you do still have to worry about mundane concerns like material strength as you pursue your architectural ambitions.

Meanwhile, you don't need any cheats to defeat bosses with campfires - just a whole lot of wood, stone, and patience.

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