Valheim Notre Dame cathedral build will give you new home base goals

Valheim Notre Dame cathedral
(Image credit: Reddit user GlPV)

A Valheim player has recreated the Notre Dame Cathedral in a remarkable feat of Viking architectural engineering.

While its location out in the Plains is a far cry from Paris' Île de la Cité, the build from Reddit user GlPv is impressive both for its attention to detail and in the way it uses Valheim's building system. Unlike creating in a block-based game like Minecraft, Valheim's architecture is all composed of pre-made building parts: there are only so many different roof pieces, or angled wall pieces, or types of lattice, and so on. But they made it all work.

I built Notre Dame cathedral. from r/valheim

GlPv said this build is made entirely from wood iron beams and core wood, and it looks like they even intentionally weathered some parts to provide more color contrast (wood structures get darker as they take damage in Valheim). The interior of the structure is currently empty, but it would make a damn impressive home base, assuming it doesn't completely tank your frame rate.

Also, don't feel too bad if this structure makes your own in-game builds look like a wooden box with a chimney on the top. GlPv used the game's debug mode - which allows you to fly and access unlimited resources - to create it. You can find out how to activate debug mode yourself in our guide to Valheim cheats and spawn item list.

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