Valheim player makes Thomas the Tank Engine using the decapitated head of a troll

(Image credit: Coffee Stain Studios)

It might be hard to believe, but what you see above isn't a mod, it's the decapitated head of a Valheim troll, fashioned into the face of a train to look like Thomas The Tank Engine. It's terrifying, cruel, and ultimately pretty brilliant.

Trolls are some of the more intimidating beasts to encounter in Valheim, namely due to their sheer size and strength. They can also be a huge pain in the ass if you stumble across one in the Black Forest when you're still relatively helpless. Countless Valheim players have likely fallen victim to the damned brutes and lost both time and loot to their giant wooden clubs. For that reason, it's natural to get a thirst for revenge, but at some point enough is enough, and I think Chinese player qwe2256789 straight up crossed a line with this Thomas The Tank Engine monstrosity.

As spotted by Reddit (via PC Gamer), the train is the result of a battle between a Valheim player and a troll that clearly didn't go well for the troll. When you kill one in the game, it explodes into loot like most enemies, and sometimes that loot includes its giant round head. Unfortunately for this particular troll, troll heads look a bit like the anthropomorphized steam locomotive from The Railway Series books. And so you have one of the more disturbing Valheim creations I've seen from the player base so far.

Valheim can be an unforgiving world, especially if you're new to survival games, but players have been finding increasingly clever ways to defeat, and frankly embarrass, enemies. Here's one player that managed to kill the final boss with a pack of wolves, and here's another that took down two bosses with nothing but campfires.

Trolls might not look so scary now, but you'll still want to check out these Valheim tips if you're thinking of checking out the game.

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