This Valheim player defeated two bosses with just campfires

Valheim Yagluth
(Image credit: Iron Gate AB)

A Valheim player has beaten the game's first two bosses using only a campfire.

In a new video from Let's Game It Out over on YouTube (that you can see just below), the channel's host goes a little bit over the top with the game's campfires. After summoning Valheim's first boss, Eikthyr, a massive deer god, the player proceeds to set it on fire repeatedly with multiple campfires, until the boss' health finally dwindles down to zero after a long battle.

Next up, the player goes toe-to-toe with Valheim's second boss, called The Elder. This boss looks a little bit like a woodland version of Slenderman, but since it's a woodland version of the infamous figure, it's very vulnerable to being set on fire with hundreds of campfires. Yes, once again, Let's Game It Out manages to take down another boss in Valheim using only the campfire.

Neither of these bosses in Valheim were the ones to have their difficulties tweaked earlier this month. When the latest list of Valheim patch notes arrived this month, developer Iron Gate revealed that they were tweaking the difficulty of the Bonemass, Moder, and Yagluth bosses, due to the fact that players were killing them a little too quickly.

If you're looking for other incredibly impressive feats within Iron Gate's new viking game, you might want to check out the player who recreated the Notre Dame cathedral in full. We've seen homes and player creations that are impressive in Valheim, but nothing comes close to the awe-inspiring majesty of the Notre Dame being recreated in full.

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