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Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episodes 1-4 Collectibles Guide

Episode 1: Penal Colony - Claire and Moira (part 2) 

Tower Emblem #2

When you enter the area lined with prison cells, head over to the open gateway opposite the stairs.

In front of you will be a locked door that requires a cog in order to open.

The Tower Emblem is embedded in the ceiling above the area just outside of this door.

Military Box #1

Once you locate the missing cog, your next objective will be to restore the power, and you'll have to give Moira a leg up in the room with the cog and broken ladder.

Once Moira has clambered up, head through the doorway ahead and look to the right to find the first Military Box.

Tower Emblem #3

After Moira has unlocked the door in the corridor above, Claire can shimmy up the ladder in the adjacent room.

Rejoin Moira, but before pushing on, backtrack to the upper level of the room with the broken ladder where you gave her a boost. The Tower Emblem is lodged above the contraption holding the cog.

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