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Far Cry 6 length explained, and how long it takes to finish the game

Far Cry 6 length how long to beat
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If you're wondering about the Far Cry 6 length and how long it will take to beat, then we've been playing it can can fill you on on how long it takes to finish. It's a loaded question to some extent because in a game with fishing, hunting, racing, treasure hunts, challenges and loads more - on top of a main mission, and numerous side missions - there's a how long's a piece of string vibe to definitively categorizing how long the Far Cry 6 length actually is. But we're going to try anyway, so here we go...

How long is Far Cry 6, time to beat, length and more

Far Cry 6 wingsuit

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Obviously there's loads you can do in Far Cry 6, so how long it takes to beat it, and the overall Far Cry 6 length depends entirely on how much you do, and how much you focus on the story. But, it's a big game whatever way you decide to approach it. If you decide to really drill into the story, avoid all the hunting and fishing and other side activities, only do a few side missions and things like specific checkpoints, then you're still looking at a good 40+ hours to finish the game.  

For some comparison, I've been playing a lot of side stuff, juggling multiple story threads at once, and clearing out all my lower level missions before pushing on. I'm about 30+ hours in and nowhere near the end. I've only taken down one of the main bad guys and half my map is currently unexplored, so I'm not even half way through. And that's also with me not touching any of the hunting or racing. All I've been doing are side missions, treasure hunts, bases, checkpoints and so on. I suspect at the rate I'm playing I'll easily hit 50-60 hours before the credits. And, to be clear, that's with me completely ignoring two major in-game activities. If you wanted to 100% things you'd easily be nudging 70-80 or more hours. 

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