Far Cry 6 co-op details explained

Far Cry 6 review
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Far Cry 6 co-op multiplayer will let you and a friend play together online if you both own the game. Yara's chaotic action is obviously going to be more fun with a Far Cry 6 partner, and it'll probably be easier to depose President Castillo with some help to cover your back. But how do you play Far Cry 6 co-op and enjoy cooperative online multiplayer? Coming up we'll go through how it all works, the limitations of the mode and more in our guide below so you know exactly what you can and can't so with friends.

Far Cry 6 co op details

Far Cry 6 co op online

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If you want to play Far Cry 6 co op online with friends, you won't be able to do it straight away. There's a certain amount of set-up and tutorialising that needs to happen first, so progress through with the main campaign until you complete the mission "Du or Die". Power through and you should reach that point within an hour and a half.

Once you do so, you'll get an alert that matches the one in the top-right above. At this point, your game effectively becomes drop-in, drop-out. Simply invite or join a friend by selecting the icon in the top-right of the pause menu, which will give you the options to play with friends, search for a random partner, or open yourself up to random invites to join games.

You can also set up multiplayer by heading to any major Guerrilla Camp and speak to Lola (or whoever has a blue icon above their head) for a Special Operations mission, which will sign you up for short-term co op missions with friends or random players. Either way, you'll earn Moneda, a special exclusive co op currency that you can use to buy items from the Black Market.

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How many people can play Far Cry 6?

Far Cry 6 co op details

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At time of writing, Far Cry 6 only supports two-player, online co op multiplayer. No more, no less. There's no couch co op mode, no way to play with three or more players, and no way to play against friends, rather than with them. Of course, we'll be sure to update this page as we hear more, or if future updates change the limitations of the game.

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