A small Star Wars detail suggests Ahsoka may have already met Fallen Order's Cal Kestis

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Ahsoka may have just ended its first season on Disney Plus, but viewers are still pouring over small details from the Star Wars spin-off, including one that could link Ahsoka Tano to Cal Kestis.

The new theory revolves around Ahsoka’s force ability to sense memory through objects. In episode 5, she uses the broken star map to find out what happened to Sabine Wren and where she went with Morgan Elsbeth. Now, while this isn’t a new ability in the lore of The Clone Wars, where Psychometry has been well explored, it has reminded one viewer of another character: Cal.

The Jedi at the heart of the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Star Wars Jedi: Survivor games is well-versed in this power. Throughout both games, he can sense Force Echoes and relive memories through these, very similarly to how Ahsoka does. 

The parallels left Redditor Bornicanskyguy to speculate: "Does anyone else think that in her earlier years, Ahsoka met Cal Kestis? I'm currently rewatching Ahsoka, and recently watched The Clone Wars and Rebels, and that's a lot of content, I can't remember if she ever sensed a memory from an object before. That is something that Cal Kestis does on the regular. I remember thinking while playing the Jedi games, that I've never seen that in Canon. Is it something Ahsoka has done before, and I'm forgetting? If not, does anyone else think she may have learned to do it from Cal?"

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor screenshot captured on PS5 which has Cal Kestis in conversation with Merrin

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It’s certainly an intriguing thought, as there are quite a few crossovers between the two stories. These have included the lore of the Nightsisters, some familiar Zeffonian symbols, and how a finale reveal could impact Cal’s future. This would also make sense in terms of the Star Wars timeline, with both characters training to be Jedi at a similar time, although the games take place a good while before the live-action Ahsoka show.

Another viewer pointed out that Psychometry has previously been explored in The Clone Wars, but this doesn’t rule out crossover. "Ahsoka could have known Cal as they were both apprentices around the same time and similar in age (he's 2 or 3 years younger, I think)," they pointed out. "Also, it's possible she and Anakin at some point fought with Cal and Jarro, but it hasn't been shown anywhere to my knowledge."

Not everyone is so sold on the theory though, as another pointed out: "Ahsoka had years of training at the Jedi temple, under some of the most powerful Jedi ever (even accounting for it being the last days of the Jedi Order as we knew it), and psychometry was an ability that wasn't exactly unknown in that era, but seems to be one that is not so much taught as innate." A valid point too...

We don't have any confirmation that Cal is coming to live-action (despite a big fan campaign), but if he does, this is certainly a crossover we'd love to see. In the meantime, check out our guides on Ahsoka:

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