Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans have spoken, and they want to see a live-action Cal Kestis

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor new screenshots featuring Cal Kestis and BD-1
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Some Star Wars Jedi: Survivor fans are once again pushing for a live-action Cal Kestis series, but while actor Cameron Monaghan is a perfect fit, not everyone is convinced that the character needs to make the jump.

Since it was revealed that Jedi: Survivor and the Obi-Wan Kenobi series would occupy a similar point on the Star Wars timeline, discussions as to whether Cal might appear have been circling. While that was never even teased, there's definitely a lot of potential to expand Cal's story now that there are two full games and the Battle Scars novel all focusing on the character.

Luckily, for the Disney casting team, if they were to ever make a live-action series centered on the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor character, they've already got someone that looks exactly like him. Actor Cameron Monaghan provided both the likeness and performance of Cal in both Jedi Survivor and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, so it would be hard to see how anyone else could take up the mantle if a live-action series was ever really on the cards. 

I hope Cal gets a movie/show after Survivor that leads into the third game from r/FallenOrder

There are, however, some players that want to keep Cal's story in games: "I think the games should be able to stand alone story wise so I wouldn't want a movie that leads directly into the next game," one Reddit user explains. "It would be f****** sick if he just shows up as a side character in like ep2 or 3 of a show," another suggested. With all the upcoming Star Wars movies and TV shows on the way - this could very well be a possibility.

If you did want a taste of what a live-action Cal would be like, EA actually released a promotional trailer for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor just before its release which starred Monaghan alongside Luke Skywalker aka Mark Hamill. In the video, Hamill is training Monaghan just like how Yoda trained Luke on Dagobah - except this time it's in a mocap studio with prop lightsabers. 

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