Star Wars fans are losing it over a new Jedi Survivor ad where Mark Hamill schools Cal Kestis

Star Wars Jedi Survivor
(Image credit: EA)

There's a new Star Wars: Jedi Survivor ad starring original Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill and Cal Kestis actor Cameron Monaghan, and it's going down a storm on social media.

The ad is admittedly quite charming, the conceit of which is Hamill providing Jedi tips to Monaghan as the latter does mocap work for Star Wars: Jedi Survivor. Hamill reminds Monaghan he isn't "playing baseball" as he's holding a lightsaber incorrectly, and later a blindfolded Monaghan tells Hamill he doesn't "really have the force" as he attempts to dodge handfuls of popcorn thrown at him by Hamill. It's obviously just a promotional stunt as EA and Respawn prepare to launch the sequel on Friday, but it's a fun watch regardless. Check it out: 

Naturally, fans of the forthcoming sequel and the iconic film franchise are over the moon watching the original Luke Skywalker become a mentor figure of sorts to the new protagonist of the video game franchise - even if it's only for 60 seconds as part of a marketing campaign.

Hamill himself even joined in on the fun, joking that his brief tenure as Cal Kestis's Jedi coach wasn't a walk in the park.

If this adorable ad didn't hype you enough, have a look at our glowing Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review to find out why we called it "more ambitious, confident, and heartfelt than Fallen Order." Just be ready for what sounds like a pretty long series of performance fixes.

In case you missed it, Star Wars: Jedi Survivor will have a photo mode at launch, and we took some gorgeous pictures with it during our review.

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