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Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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Our Star Wars Jedi Survivor guide has all the tips, tricks, and help you'll need for your journey through Cal Kestis' latest galaxy-spanning adventure. Respawn Entertainment has made plenty of changes in Jedi Survivor, making it a substantial step up from Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order in terms of size and scope. New enemies, new ways to traverse, and lots of new side activities and things to do outside of the main story - prior to launch, this made it one of our most anticipated upcoming Star Wars games.

However, this much new stuff to do in such a huge game means you might want some help getting to grips with it all, whether its Lightsaber Stances, Force powers, or even just getting through the main story path. Here’s our full guide on Star Wars Jedi Survivor, which should take your understanding of the game from Padawan to Master in no time.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor review

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor PS5 screenshot showing Cal using his lightsaber to kill a monster

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In our Star Wars Jedi Survivor review we found that Respawn Entertainment has delivered a "more ambitious, confident, and heartfelt adventure" which surpasses Jedi: Fallen Order in just about every way imaginable. With its massive scope and scale, Jedi Survivor shows what a modern Star Wars story can be. To read the full review, be sure to click the link above.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor platforms

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor preview

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Star Wars Jedi Survivor is available now on PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X. Game director Stig Asmussen said that next-gen features, such as real-time ray tracing, have allowed Respawn to work "at a fidelity that's well beyond anything that we've ever produced before." The decision to drop support for PS4 and Xbox One meant that Respawn could reduce load screens and times, and invest in DualSense haptic feedback support on PS5.

Star War Jedi: Survivor is also now available on EA Play, and therefore PC and Xbox Game Pass (EA Play is included with any Game Pass subscription), so if you're subscribed to any of these services, you can play the game at no extra charge.

How long is Jedi Survivor?

Star Wars

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Need to know how long to beat Star Wars Jedi Survivor? It varies a lot depending on how you play through the story and how many side activities you play too. With so much to see and do outside of the story, you could feasibly spend over 50 hours playing Jedi Survivor, but if the story is all you’re after, it’ll probably take you half that time or less.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor

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If you thought Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order was big, Jedi Survivor is even bigger. With so much space to explore on each planet across vast regions and intricate, maze-like areas with hidden paths, it can be quite tricky to navigate at times, so if you want to make sure you’re on track with the main story, look at our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough.

Throughout the story, you’ll also have to perform the occasional Jedi mind trick – in fact, early on you’ll need to decide how you’ll proceed in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trust or reward Senator mind trick.

Later, you’ll also have a two-part objective that allows you to visit two locations – Koboh or the Shattered Moon – in whatever order you want. While this doesn’t affect the story in any way, both locations have unique unlocks, so read here to see what you get from the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Shattered Moon or Kobo choice.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor story

Star Wars Jedi Survivor

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Picking up five years after the events of Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order, which saw Cal Kestis destroy a holocron to keep Force-sensitive children safe, Jedi Survivor sees Cal working with a new crew to fight the Empire head-on. Since he sacrificed the only way of rebuilding the Jedi Order, Cal is now much more focused on striking back against the Empire directly, despite its tightening grip around nearly the entire galaxy.

However, an opportunity presents itself to not only find safety from the Empire, but to also reform the Jedi Order. Seeking to get the original gang back together, Cal faces an increasingly desperate fight protect himself, his allies, and the legacy of the Jedi Order as the galaxy descends further into darkness.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor tips

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor new screenshots featuring Cal Kestis and BD-1

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If you’re struggling to learn the ropes of combat, can’t figure out why a certain path is unavailable, or want to know which Skills you should get first, we’ve also got some Star Wars Jedi Survivor tips to help you. Read these and look at the walkthrough and you’ll be able to bring the fight to the Empire and Cal’s other foes with ease.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Stances

Star Wars

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You get to have two Star Wars Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Stances equipped at once and you can switch between them on the fly. These stances determine the attacks you can perform, and each stance has unique properties that make them suited for a particular fighting style or enemy type.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stims

star wars jedi survivor stim canisters

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BD-1 isn’t just a glorified door key as he also stores Cal’s healing Stim canisters, ready to use in the heat of combat. There are 10 extra Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stims that you can collect to permanently increase BD-1's capacity, so be sure to keep an eye out as you play through the story and explore off the beaten path to keep Cal in tip-top shape.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers and upgrades

All Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear

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There’s a whole host of Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers and abilities for you to unlock as you play through the game’s story. For example, you’ve no doubt come across Star Wars Jedi Survivor green laser barriers, but you can only get past them once you’re given a special item about halfway through the story.

Skill Points can also be spent on upgrades that improve Cal’s Force powers or add new attacks to his Lightsaber Stances. Although, with so many options available, it’s hard to know which ones to get straight away and which ones you should save up for. Either way, we’ve got a guide on the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Skills based on our experience which should help you out.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rumors and secrets

star wars jedi survivor abandoned shack

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As well as the main story, Star Wars Jedi Survivor is packed with side quests and secrets known as Rumors. We’ve laid out a few notable ones that you might come across as you play:

  • Shortly after arriving on Koboh and making your way through the tar pits, you’ll come across the Star Wars Jedi Survivor droid puzzle, which sees a pit droid in need of help. You’ll need to come back later, so check out our guide to see what you need.
  • If you stray off the path on Koboh, you’ll probably encounter the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Vashtan Wolfe character – or rather their voice – in a cave. Read our guide to learn what their deal is.
  • While you’ll encounter the Star Wars Jedi Survivor friendly creature early on when you first arrive on Koboh, you should pay it another visit later as it can lead you to new loot!
  • Star Wars Jedi Survivor priorite shards are found all over the place on Coruscant and Koboh, and you’ll need them if you want to trade with Doma – perhaps you should spend them on the Star Wars Jedi Survivor mysterious keycode to unlock an extra room in Doma’s shop.
  • You might have stumbled into the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor boss quite early on Koboh. It has some brutal attacks that make it a formidable boss to face – definitely one to return to later once you’ve got Cal some new powers.
  • You should seek out the Star Wars Jedi Survivor abandoned shack on Koboh as it leads into a subterranean area with some great items inside – notably a map upgrade that reveals certain collectibles! Be warned though, this area is quite a challenging.
  • You’ll find the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Crypt of Uhrma puzzle on Jedha, which features a bunch of bolts that you can move in a door using the Force. Check out our guide to help you get the solution.

Star Wars: Jedi Survivor has taken the number two spot on our list of the best Star Wars games of all-time!

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