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You can find Star Wars Jedi Survivor priorite anywhere once you know what to look for. It's only use is to buy stuff from Doma, so if you want her cosmetics and other rewards you'll want to find as much as possible.

Priorite in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is largely scattered far and wide. You'll often find a few pieces as you reach a new areas, but there's more hidden in out of the reach areas you can completely miss. You can also get it from Scavenger robots - the red droids that run away when you approach them. Catch up with one of these and destroy them and they should drop some shards.   

This guide has 20 Priorite shards I've found across Coruscant and Koboh which will be enough for the Jedi Survivor mysterious keycode to open the door in Doma's shop (you'll get a Star Wars Jedi Survivor stim canisters) and get you started. 

So, here are all the first 20 Star Wars Jedi Survivor Priorite shards I've found: 

Jedi Survivor Coruscant priorite shards

  1. Undercity Rooftops - From the Rooftops meditation point go up the climbable wall, then down the stairs and over the bridge with the the neon sign. The priorite will be on a table at the end of this path. 
  2. Renovation Site 4733 1 - At the rain slicked slope you can't walk up there's a priorite shard tucked away on the left hand side. 
  3. Renovation Site 4733 2 - At the point where you drop into a large area full of Stormtroopers near a blue and yellow speeder. Head up the stairs nearest the yellow speeder that leads up to a gap with a bar you can use to swing across. That will take you to a dead end with some priorite.
  4. Renovation Site 4733 3 - In the area where Bode talks about using a crane there's a set of stairs you can go down before a narrow gap where a security droid grabs you and throws you into the area where you get the Ascension cable. There's a priorite shard under the stairs
  5. Hanger 2046-C - When you use a rope slide to pass three large red floating structures there's a Priorite shard on the left when you land. 

Jedi Survivor Koboh priorite shards

  1. Gorge Crash site - From the meditation spot head towards the zipline pillar and take the wall run over to the right. Follow the path around and into a cave where there's an opening immediately on the left as you go in. The shard is at the end of that passage up another wall run. 
  2. Pyloon's Saloon - There's a priorite shard in the toilet bowl. 
  3. Derelict Dam 1- From the Derelict Dam meditation point head toward the large creature in the distance and then take the left that doubles back into a passage with roller mines. Follow it until you use the ascension cable to go up and then at the higher level look for a left turn. This will take you to the Jedi Survivor Vashtan Wolfe character. The priorite is in the unlit brazier. 
  4. Derelict Dam 2 - From the Derelict Dam meditation point go towards the tar pits but take the right path down to a wall run. The priorite is on the other side near the lights. 
  5. Southern Reach - From the Southern Reach meditation point take the path up and then back down into an open area with a waterfall. Use the vines to the left of the waterfall to climb up where you can find a priorite shard in a nest with some eggs. 
  6. Riverbed Watch - Head inside the building right by the Riverbed Watch meditation point and wall jump up the lift shaft, then climb the netting to reach the droid base on top. Clear the droids out and then you'll find the shard on a white box by one of the door looking out. 
  7. Untamed Downs 1 - From the Untamed Downs meditation point drop down to the waterfall below, the shard is behind the water. 
  8. Untamed Downs 2 - Find this one by heading out of Ramber's Reach via the broken yellow bridge until you see many pools of water on your left. There will be a cave next to them you can reach by jumping off a nekko, or the ramp to one side. Go into the cave and jump up to the higher level and use the vines to climb up to the ceiling and jump to the opposite wall. Climb up the vines and at the top turn around to see a platform behind you with the shard on it. 
  9. Swindler's Wash - When you can get to the otherside of the river where the white towers are (you'll need to defeat the Bilemaw at the waterfall) you'll find a priorite shard in on overgrown outcrop by a pillar just where you climb up. 
  10. Basalt Rift - When you pass through the white towers at Swindler's Wash into the Basalt Rift you'll find a priorite shard in the cave you can wall run to with the destructible pillars. 
  11. Forrest Array - When you're leaving the rehabilitation center you'll see a incomplete bridge near a sleeping Bilemaw. The priorite is at the end. 
  12. Nekko Pools - From the Nekko Pools look to the waterfall left of the watery slide, head through the find another waterfall and a priorate shard. 
  13. Bygone Settlement 1 - Look for a large rock platform on a pillar surround by rusted metal. From there you should be able to see a ledge hidden in the wall you'll need a nekko to jump. There's a shard up there
  14. Bygone Settlement 2 - From the meditation spot you can reach by Nekko jumping to the ledge just before the hanging bridge you can then climb up to the buildings above. There's shard in an open building full of rubble. 
  15. Mountain Ascent - From the meditation point take the path down and use the ledge behind the waterfall to jump to another ledge with a Priorite shard on it. 

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