Star Wars Jedi Survivor stim canister locations and where to find more

star wars jedi survivor stim canisters
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Finding extra Star Wars Jedi Survivor stims is a huge help as each one gives you another healing item to use during your adventures. That means you can take more damage and stay in the fight longer, so it's a huge benefit when going on long stints without resting at meditation points or for intense boss fights. The game gives you a few unmissable ones here and there, so you'll get a few just by following the story, but there are loads more hidden away that can make you almost unkillable.

Most of these extra Stims are off the beaten path and often require a one of the many Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear items you need to unlock certain paths. you'll need to unlock first to reach them. I've found 10 Star Wars Jedi Survivor stim upgrades here, plus the two Cal starts with, giving you a total of 12. That will give you a really big advantage in a tough boss fight.

It's worth mentioning the Star Wars Jedi Survivor abandoned shack at this point. You'll head there for a stim in this guide but, in addition, once you've unlocked the Force Lift and Slam ability, you can access a cavern network via the shack's basement. In these caverns, there's a BD-1 upgrade that will mark every undiscovered crate, BD-1 upgrade and stim on the Star Wars Jedi Survivor map. Getting that will let you easily find more so it's well worth getting, though it does come quite late in the game.

Jedi Survivor Coruscant Stim canisters

  • Undercity Meats - From the Undercity Meats meditation point you'll see a wall you can jump up to reach a red lit upper area with a droid to fight, and stim canister.

Jedi Survivor Koboh Stim canisters

  • Domo's shop - if you have 10 Priorite shards you can buy the Star Wars Jedi Survivor mysterious keycode in Domo's shop to open the locked door and find a stim inside.
  • Basalt Rift - keep heading up from the Basalt Rift meditation point (you should see a wall collapse if you've not been that way already). Use the vine wall to get past the blocked path and you'll find an area with a brown wampa/Mogu. Kill it and then use the wall run to reach the vines and an upper area. Follow the path until you're looking down at where you came in to find the stim. 
  • Abandoned Shack - You'll encounter the Abandoned Shack as a rumor to investigate in Foothill Falls. If you've unlocked the ability to ride Nekkos you can find one in a cave if you look to the cliff and head down the path to the right. Use it to jump to the wall run and reach the mine dispenser above. Let a mine follow you to the edge and then, from the shack roof, Force grab it, fall through the hole and use it to blow the door open, revealing the stim inside.
  • Derelict Dam - You'll need the Force Lift and Slam ability for this. From the Derelict Dam meditation point head towards the big creature you can see and take the right path past the big round red machine and a yellow tower. Keep following the path which includes a drop down, a vine wall and a rope that will take you to the top of the yellow tower where you can activate a short back down. Use Force Lift to raise the door and you'll find the Stim cinster through there, guarded by a legendary Gorocco boss battle.
  • Viscid Bog - You'll need the Air Dash and Force Lift ability for this one. Head to the Gorge Crash Site meditation point and look for a yellow door you can open with Force Lift, this will lead you to a yellow lift you can air dash too that acts a shortcut back to the Viscid Bog. Look to your left at the bottom and you'll see a series of pillars you can pull out of the tar with Force Lift. Raise them and jump between them to reach an area with a Force echo, where you should then be looking down on a large area with a Stim canister and a Legendary double Mogu boss fight. 
  • Koboh Observatory - In the Observatory Understructure you'll see a partially opened door you can squeeze through just after a lift shortcut you can activate. Inside you'll find a floating platform dispenser - use it to reach the level above you in the structure to finds some Stormtroopers and a stim. 

Finding a star wars jedi survivor stim canister

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Jedi Survivor Jedha Stim canisters

  • Sheltered Hollow - Following the AT-ST fight there will be a cutscene with Merrin. After that just follow her to get a stim. 
  • Trailhead Pantheon - Travel to the Crypt of Uhrma mediation point, head right through the small door and then right again up the stairs, take the right again once you're through the door. Follow that route until you reach another path that lead down into the crypts. Inside there's a large double door with four huge bolts on each side you can pull out with Force Pull. Pull the bottom two middle bolts, and the top two outside bolts to open it. With the door open you'll find the Stim inside. 

Jedi Survivor Shattered Moon Stim canisters

  • Abandoned Foundry - After the Automated Forge meditation point you'll climb some electrified walls and ceilings and then rope slide and wall run past a large circular building with a glowing orange floor. As you go behind it you'll see a platform you can drop down to, to get inside. Once there use your ascension cable to reach an electrified rope slide above that will take you to the stim. 

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