How to get into the Abandoned Shack in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

star wars jedi survivor abandoned shack
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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Abandoned Shack rumor is impossible to solve unless you have some very specific gear that is unlocked late in the game. You can learn about the Abandoned Shack on Koboh from a Prospector at the Nekko Stables, but looking for a way in early on in your Jedi Survivor journey will be a waste of time. Although, this frustrating rumor side quest is well worth remembering to come back to as there are a lot of great rewards up for grabs in a secret area. To save you time and effort, I've explained which abilities you need to break into the Abandoned Shack in Star Wars Jedi Survivor below and how to get those rewards.

How to Investigate the Abandoned Shack in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Investigate the Abandoned Shack rumor in Jedi Survivor

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In case you're yet to pick up the "Investigate the Abandoned Shack" rumour, speak to the Prospector at the Nekko Stables in Rambler's Reach on Koboh. They'll tell you about a building called Qi's Workshop out in Foothill Falls, which is just north of Rambler's Reach, and leave you with the option to look into it if you want. It sounds simple but it's one of Star Wars Jedi Survivor's more obtuse side quests. Also, be prepared to face some Raiders stationed both outside and inside the shack.

How to get into the abandoned shack in Jedi Survivor

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There main obstacle to getting into the abandoned shack in Jedi Survivor is a partially melted, metal door inside the building. Beyond that, you can find a basement area with a large object that Cal will say he can't move. Unfortunately, both require two different Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear to get past.

Getting into the Abandoned Shack requires you to have the ability to ride Nekko, which you'll eventually get by following the main mission path on Koboh. Exploring and looting the secret area requires you to have the Force Lift and Slam abilities, which are unlocked far later in the game during another mission on Koboh.

How to open the abandoned shack door in Jedi Survivor

open the abandoned shack door in Jedi Survivor

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To open the abandoned shack door in Jedi Survivor you'll need to grab a nearby roller mine and lob it to blast the door open. That means you'll be looking for the roller mine dispenser with the red lights on pictured above, but you need a Nekko to super jump from to reach it

Look for the path heading down to the right if you're facing the cliff edge and follow that around to find a cave with a Nekko in it. Ride it back to the shack then super jump off it to reach the wall running wall that takes you up to a higher ledge. 

From there, you can swing across to reach the mine dispenser, get BD-1 to slice it, and get the mine that appears to follow you to the edge. Jump back down to the shack and the mine will stay behind so Force Pull it, drop through the hole in the shack's roof and throw it at the door. Inside you'll find an extra Star Wars Jedi Survivor Stim Canister as a reward. This is actually all you need to do to complete the Abandoned Shack rumor but there's a whole other secret area to explore down in the basement.

How to get into the Phon'Qi Caverns in Jedi Survivor

How to get into the Phon'Qi Caverns

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You can get into the basement of the abandoned shack by heading outside and Force Pulling up the shutters around the back. Inside will be a couple of Raiders and a droid called T-1N8 you can recruit once the enemies are dead. The Phon'Qi Caverns are beyond the small gap in the wall you can squeeze through, once you've Force Pulled the panel off.

Inside the caverns you'll find a lift you can't use yet and a meditation point, as well as lots of exploding droids, so be ready. To enter the caverns fully, you'll need the Force Lift ability to raise the large metal object Cal says he can't move. Once that's raised you can drop through the hole into the new area.

It's worth having a lot of stims to use before you go in though, as there's a lot of danger below - including a rancor, and a triple boss fight. These are the key things to look for when exploring the caverns: 

  • A second Star Wars Jedi Survivor Rancor to fight
  • Several Data discs including a number hidden in the vases you can break
  • A BD-1 upgrade that marks all unfound chests, stims and BD1 upgrades on the map
  • Force essence 
  • Force tear
  • A hidden boss fight against three enemies at once 
  • Skoova Stev the Fisherman and the Barbed Hook Fish
  • The lift back up to create a short cut

You obviously don't have to do all of that but the one thing absolutely worth grabbing is obviously that BD-1 upgrade that marks unfound chests, stims and upgrades on your map. That's incredibly useful if you want to find more stuff when exploring. 

When you find doors blocked by metal with electrical sparks you can use the orange acid bomb creatures to melt them - just Force grab one and throw it at the door. There's no timer on them either so no need to rush. 

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