How to get past green laser walls in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

star wars jedi green laser doors gates barriers
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You'll find Star Wars Jedi Survivor green laser gates almost as soon as you explore, but to get through these barriers takes some time. You will unlock the ability eventually with a specific upgrade, but until then they're off limits. This is a story locked thing too so there are no shortcuts beyond drilling through the main missions  until you finally get to the point where you can open Jedi Survivor green barriers. 

How to get past green barriers in Jedi Survivor

star wars jedi green laser doors gates barriers

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Surprisingly, the upgrade that lets you get past green laser barriers in Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a magic charm. There's no tech here, just a witchy token from Merrin that is never explained and just lets you dash through laser gates. 

You'll get the charm during the Jedha objective to "locate Brother Armias" which follows on from both the missions involved in the Star Wars Jedi Survivor Shattered Moon or Kobo choice. With those two objectives done you'll end up on a mission with Merrin on Jedha, during which she'll give Cal 'Merrin's magicked charm' at a crucial point. 

This charm will let you get past the Jedi Survivor green laser walls with a dash move you'll only have learned a little while earlier, and will let you press B/Circle - both on the ground and in the air - to dart forwards. The dash is another one of the core Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear options you'll unlock. 

star wars jedi survivor green barriers

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Importantly, dashing through these laser gates will reset your double jump and in-air dash, letting you string together long acrobatic sequences of moves in certain Star Wars Jedi Survivor situations. 

Even more importantly, once you have the charm all those laser gates you've seen in Star War Jedi Survivor will be yours to conquer. With this new ability you'll be able to explore a ton of new areas and find all sorts of new things. 

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