The best Star Wars Jedi Survivor skills to unlock first

Star Wars Jedi Survivor skills
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Knowing what Star Wars Jedi Survivor skills to unlock first isn't obvious. Not only will it depend on how you play, and the combat stances you prefer, the metroidvania style gear progression can mean you don't always know what to expect or how to prepare. To help with that I have recommendations having completed the game already. There are some skills in Jedi Survivor that can definitely make all the difference to your fighting and Force abilities, health and so on that want to pick first.

Unlike the various Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear options, these skills give you more freedom to build your character. And you can unlock and progress at your own pace here once you've unlocked some base options, not just when the Star Wars Jedi Survivor story lets you as with all the gear and weapons. Here are the Jedi Survivor skills I recommend focusing on first. 

Best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Lightsaber skills

What Jedi Survivor Lightsaber skills you unlock depends on which Star Wars Jedi Survivor lightsaber stances you like. However, there are a few skills for each one we'd recommend because they strengthen whatever a given stance is best used for. 

  • Single Blade Stance
    • Twofold Reflection - Split a deflected blaster bolt into two.
  • Double-Bladed Stance
    • Gathering Tempest - Hold attack for a rapid set of blows. The Endless Hurricane skill extends this. 
    • Vortex Dive - Jump forwards for a spinning attack. 
    • Multifold Reflections - Hold block to deflect multiple blaster bolts.
  • Dual Wield Stance
    • Uncoiled Strikes - Attack after a pause to unleash a fast round of blows. 
    • Twin Vipers - Throw both lightsabers for extra damage.
    • Dancing Blades - Throw both lightsabers and bounce them between targets.
  • Blaster Stance
    • Blaster Cooldown - Increase ammo gained from lightsaber attacks.
    • Improved Clip - Improved clip size.
    • Quick Draw - Use the Force to target multiple enemies with the blaster.
  • Crossguard Stance
    • Greater Cleaving Swing - Reduces the charge time of your heavy attack.
    • Reaching Cleave - Increasing the range of the heavy attack. 
    • Charged Reflection - Turns reflected bolts into higher damage charged shots. 

Best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force skills

Confusion is by far the best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force skill ability. When fully maxed out you can make two enemies allies and fight for you, extending the time it lasts and increasing the damage they inflict. At full power it's possible to clear entire areas with a couple of mind controlled Stormtroopers doing all the work for you. 

After that Jedi Concentration is probably the next most useful, letting you increase the amount of Force you can use and increase the rate you earn it. And, finally, Telekinesis is fun but largely just variations on pulling and pushing enemies about.   

Best Star Wars Jedi Survivor Survival skills

Jedi Survivor Survival skills deal with health, as well as things like the healing speed and amounts gained from Star Wars Jedi Survivor stim canisters. If you have a lot of stims then upping the speed they can be used will be helpful. If not, then increasing your max health might be better. Although both are useful in the long term. 

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