Should you go to the Shattered Moon or Koboh first in Star Wars Jedi Survivor?

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The Shattered Moon or Koboh choice in Star Wars Jedi Survivor has you picking between two areas to begin your research on Tanalorr after adventuring around Jedha. You will actually go to both, but this choice is to determine where you're going first in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

If you're wondering if there's any benefit to picking one over the other then the answer is kind of yes and no. There's definitely a better reward from one option but it's also a slightly tougher location. Plus, because you have to do both anyway, the advantage is a matter of hours. To help you decide, here's everything you need to know about whether to go to the Shattered Moon or Koboh first in Star Wars Jedi Survivor.

Should you go to the Shattered Moon or Koboh in Jedi Survivor? 

Star wars jedi survivor shattered moon koboh choice

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You'll have to explore both the Shattered Moon and Koboh in Star Wars Jedi Survivor to progress the story, but you can choose which one to go to first. Whichever you choose has no impact on the story or your objectives either, but both locations have different Star Wars Jedi Survivor Force powers and abilities up for grabs, so it depends what you want to get first.

  • Go to Koboh to unlock the BD-1 Koboh Grinder, a gadget that can unlock new pathways.

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Star wars jedi survivor Shattered Moon Crossguard hilt

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Ultimately, the choice doesn't really matter (as mentioned, you go to both places anyway), but consider that the Shattered Moon location is the harder option at the point that the choice appears. There are lot of enemies wielding electrostaves, often in groups too, and you can find a few boss fights there, so if you're still mastering your combat skills, Koboh is probably the easier option

The Koboh section is quite long but very puzzle and platforming-focused, eventually leading you to the Koboh Grinder upgrade for BD-1. With this section completed you should have levelled up a bit and possibly unlocked some more abilities and upgrades, helping you for your next mission across the Shattered Moon. 

Overall then, it's going to be marginally better to do Koboh first, then the Shattered Moon. The latter is by no means impossible, though the combat is definitely a step up compared to earlier locations, even if the Crossguard hilt is strong reason to go there first. While there aren't any more location choices like this in the rest of the game, our Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough might come in handy for some of the more confusing areas of the game.

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