A full Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough to help you battle the Empire

Star Wars Jedi: Survivor
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This Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough will guide you through the critical path so that you can battle the Empire and progress get through the story with ease. You’ll start in the cityscape of Coruscant, but the journey will take you to several other destination across the galaxy, each packed with areas to explore, people to help, and things to collect. However, with so many distractions on each destination and many maze-like paths to take, it can be tricky to navigate and stay on track with Cal’s journey – although anything you miss can be returned to after you’ve completed the story.

I recommend doing a little exploring every so often to gather useful items, such as Force Essences, Stims, and collectibles that you can trade for upgrades. However, this walkthrough focuses purely on the critical path – the essential areas you need to get to and objectives you need to complete – to finish Cal’s journey and the Star Wars Jedi Survivor story. Have fun and may the Force be with you.

Major spoilers ahead (obviously) although I have tried to omit some details and keep things vague in places.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor begins with a less-than-ideal situation for Jedi hero Cal Kestis – he’s been captured and is being taken to see an Imperial Senator by Corscant security forces.

Follow CSF Captain

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal led by CSF guards

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Once the initial cutscene is over and you gain control of Cal, all you need to do is walk with the security guards and follow the CSF Captain. This will lead you to the Docks where you’ll meet Senator Sejan. After a cutscene, you’ll have a short tutorial fight against some Imperial troopers, showing you the basics of single lightsaber and Force combat.

Pursue the Senator’s yacht

After that, things go a little awry and you need to climb to the left along the metal bar, up using a climbing wall, then to the right on another metal bar. Cal will fall off, reaching a new area – Rooftops.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal hanging near yacht

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Force Push the metal wall panel, then turn right and go down the rooftops. Jump across the gap to the left then climb up the wall. To the left, there’s a grate you can climb up to reach another roof, and once you’re up there, look at the large pipes to the right and jump up to the climbing grate there. Carry on and you’ll reach the Rooftops Meditation Point. There's some Star Wars Jedi Survivor priorite near here if you want to start collecting that. It'll be important later. 

From where you climbed up, jump up to the ledge on the right, then climb the grate up to the next level. Carry on through the rooftops, heading through a squeeze gap. Just after you get out the gap, head left. You’ll eventually drop onto a rooftop with troopers on it. You need to head through another squeeze gap on the left to get to the next room.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal climbing

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Deal with the troopers here, unlocking the Double-Bladed Lightsaber Stance – check out the other Star Wars Jedi Survivor Lightsaber Stances here – then jump to the horizontal pole outside and swing across, then climb all the way up. Here you’ll meet up with Bode.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal running

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Reunite with your crew at the yacht

Walk with Bode through the Rooftops (you can cut a cable to open a shortcut back to the Meditation Point during this section) and you’ll catch up to the yacht. Get BD-1 to activate the zipline on the left where you'll find it blocked by a container and need Bode to remove the container. Activate the zipline again, and cross over to Renovation Site 4733 – hot tip: hold R2/RT while riding a zipline for a boost.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant commanding Bode to move a panel

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Wall run across the neon board to reach Bode and the next area. There’s a wet incline here that you can’t walk up, so climb up on the right. Get Bode to lower the cable on the upper level, use it to get up, then follow him around to the right. Slide down the incline and leap to the troopers at the bottom. Now, use the terminal to raise the bridge – there will be more troopers on this bridge, so be ready for a fight.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal and Bode ready to fight troopers

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After the fight, cross over and tell Bode to move the red board, then run across it to reach the Renovation Site 4733 Meditation Point. Head up the stairs and wall run across the neon board, then follow the walkway and go through the bar on the left. Swing on the poles to reach the other side, then walk along the pipe above the troopers to trigger a scripted fall, leading into a big fight.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal walking on pipe over troopers

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Afterwards, head down towards the round yellow door. Command Bode to lower the climbing panel on the upper-right ledge, then use the Force to move the large cube object against this wall so that you can climb. Get up and wall run along until you reach a tied rope. Cut the rope and use it to swing across to the climbing wall. Climb up then press on up some steps to fight troopers (there’s a zipline shortcut you can activate on the right too).

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant force pushing cube for climbing

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After going down some stairs and turning around, go through a squeeze gap on the left. This leads into a boss fight against a security droid called K-4O5 – it’s quite an easy fight as the droid has fairly slow and readable attacks.

Next, investigate the junk pile to get the Ascension Cable – a grappling hook and one of the first items in a list of Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear you can unlock – then use it to reach Bode’s position up high. Activate the terminal to rotate a machine into place then grapple over and climb down to reach the renovation site Meditation Point again.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant ascension cable grappling

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Now, start heading back to the bridge that you raised earlier – you can now grapple to the previously out-of-reach wall running panels. Continue forward to meet up with your crew and enter the Industrial Stacks area.

Board the Senator’s yacht

Before going ahead, immediately turn around and go up the steps to activate a zipline shortcut that leads back to the Meditation Point. Now to board the yacht, you need to move some pipes blocking the way. Go over to the twins – they’ll push a gate down, allowing you to grapple and climb to the first pipe and move it with the Force.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant yacht crashed

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Climb on the underside of the yacht to reach the next pipe and move that too. Jump to the metal grates on the yacht and climb to the right then up to get on deck. Get BD-1 to open the door and head inside.

Gain access to the Senator’s terminal

star wars jedi survivor mind trick trust reward

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Move through the yacht and approach Senator Sejan to trigger the trust or reward Jedi Survivor mind trick (you can't actually fail, so choose whatever option you like). Your next objective is to extract the Senator, so just head back the way you came through the yacht. Unfortunately, an ambush from the Ninth Sister is waiting.

Escape Undercity Meats

Cal drops right into Coruscant’s meat production zone, so escaping here is the next step. Start by turning around on the conveyor belt and grappling to safety. Move through the area then get up to the next level by wall jumping – repeatedly jump up this white wall with vertical lines to climb. At the top, you’ll reach the Undercity Meats Meditation Point. There’s also one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor stim canisters to grab nearby.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough Coruscant Cal in Undercity Meats conveyor belt

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Press on down the walkway where the large meat slabs are being transported along a rail. You’ll need to grapple up, then go inside a room to the left to fight a Purge Trooper. Once they’ve been defeated, walk through the dark room on the left and squeeze through the gap at the other end. In the next room you’ll learn the Confuse Force power, then you’ll reach the Freight Handling Depot.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant walkthrough meat factory

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Grapple a moving meat box on the above rail and drop into the next zone to battle the stormtroopers. Slice the exit door with BD-1 and get up to the next area – you’ll find the Freight Handling Depot Meditation Point here. Press on to get back to the Mantis.

Take down the Ninth Sister’s gunship and defeat the Ninth Sister

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant walkthrough Ninth Sister inquisitor boss fight

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After the cutscene showing the yacht crashing in, climb aboard and bring down the gunship. This mostly happens in a cutscene, so you don’t need to do much. However, now it’s time to battle the Ninth Sister (again, if you played the first game). She has much the same moveset with her double-bladed spinning lightsaber. As with a lot of tough enemies, the best approach is to parry her attacks to drain her block, then strike back while vulnerable. You will defeat her for real this time and will unlock the Dual Wield Lightsaber Stance.

Get to the hangar

Get BD-1 to activate the terminal next to the flaming pipe on the right. This will extinguish the fire and allow you to squeeze through the gap. You’ll find the Skylane Regulation Station Meditation Point on the other side. Head down the stairs, then take the lift down.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant walkthrough fire blocking gap

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Once you’re off it, head right, activate the zipline, and ride it up to progress. Next, head up the steps, climb the cable, and get to the ziplines – these will take you to Hangar 2046-C. Go inside the building to meet Bode and Bravo.

Free the Mantis

Press on and take the lift down to the Hangar 2046-C Meditation Point. Open the next set of doors and fight your way to the Mantis. Speak to Bode and Bravo to board the Mantis and make your escape.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Coruscant walkthrough fighting to Mantis

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After a cutscene, you can wander the Mantis. You need to clean it by picking up some BD-1 parts from the kitchen table and must use the Workbench. After that, go to the cockpit and interact with the pilot’s chair to travel to Koboh.

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