Pick trust or reward in the Jedi Survivor Senator mind trick

star wars jedi survivor mind trick trust reward
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When you encounter the Star Wars Jedi Survivor mind trick to trust or reward Senator Sejan it feels like an important choice. You need the terminal pass code to unlock it and get the information he has, but what do you pick? 

So soon in the game it feels like a big deal to make you decide, when you've barely even started. So here what's going on and what option to chose when the mind trick presents itself. 

If you want more help with the game's open world exploration and decisions overall then we've got a Star Wars Jedi Survivor walkthrough to guide you through the whole thing. 

Jedi Survivor trust or reward mind trick and what to pick

star wars jedi survivor mind trick trust reward

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The short version here that it doesn't matter - whatever you pick for the Star Wars Jedi Survivor trust or reward mind trick option, Senator Sejan will unlock the terminal for you either way. You can't really fail here, it's more about the illusion of control in Star Wars Jedi Survivor. Whether you convince him to trust you, or offer a reward, he gives you the terminal code and you get what you want to continue the story. 

This is pretty much the case with all the Star Wars Jedi mind tricks you'll encounter in the game - you'll get two choices but I've never failed one, nor has anyone else on GamesRadar, so it's safe to assume you can't. It's just a bit of color that doesn't actually affect anything. So, generally, pick whatever you want, it doesn't really make any difference. 

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