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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor droid puzzle is found shortly after arriving on Koboh, and you'll need to help a pit droid's stranded transporter with a particular Force power. While Cal is able to use platforms to move around the tar pits, items that you stand on will sink, meaning you've got to move quickly. That's clearly some Star Wars Jedi Survivor advice that the pit droid was missing, as their hovercraft-like vessel is stuck in a tar pit but it can't be freed with Cal's normal Force powers. I've put together this handy guide to explain how to help this Star Wars Jedi Survivor pit droid. 

How to help the Star Wars Jedi Survivor pit droid

When you first encounter the Star Wars Jedi Survivor droid puzzle after arriving on Koboh, you won't be able to help as you need one of the Star Wars Jedi Survivor abilities, Force powers and gear unlocked later, specifically Force Lift. This Force ability isn't unlocked until much later during a story mission where you need to go to the derelict Lucrehulk elsewhere on Koboh. 

When Cal has learned Force Lift and Force Slam, you can head back to the pit droid by the tar pit - it's best to use either the Derelict Dam or Gorge Crash Site fast travel points - and help it out with your new powers. Use Force Lift (R1 + Triangle/RB + Y) on the transport to lift it onto the surface of the tar pit and the droid will be overjoyed. 

After that, the pit droid will join you at Rambler's Ranch, where it'll set about helping on the Mantis Launch Pad, and you'll also get a crystal to boost your stats with. Not far from the droid is the Star Wars Jedi Survivor friendly creature, who you'll also want to return to later in the game.

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