What to do with Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Vashtan Wolfe room
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The Star Wars Jedi Survivor Vastan Wolfe character is found on Koboh when you first start exploring. You don't see them, they just talk to you through a door about treasure. You only have their name to go on and there's crate nearby you can't open a blue mechanism, but what does it all mean?  

Like a lot of things in the game, working out what to do with Vashtan Wolfe in Jedi Survivor involves waiting. Or at least playing through enough of the story to unlock what you need to solve this mystery. Once you have the right tools you can open that locked crate, see what's inside and meet Vastan Wolfe. Just don't get too excited. 

What to do with Vashtan Wolfe in Star Wars Jedi Survivor

Jedi Survivor Vashtan Wolfe location

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You'll find Vashtan Wolfe in a cave near the the Derelict Dam area on Koboh. 

He's in a small cave with a locked door. On the ledge you can find here and reach with a wall run you'll find a crate with some Anodised Metal BD-1 material, and this blue sparking mechanism:  

Vashtan Wolfe blue spark lock

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Vashtan will talk to you via an intercom about a treasure 'right in front of you'. However, chances are, in the early stages of the game when you find this location you won't be able to do anything. 

Instead you're going to have to play through the main story to reach one of the key Jedi Fallen Order Force Powers, abilities and upgrades: the Electro Dart, which you'll retrieve from a crashed Imperial Shuttle shortly after starting the Star Wars Jedi Survivor mission to Search for the Compass on Koboh. Using this you'll be able to shoot the blue mechanism with energy and open the locked crate on the floor below. That will get you a Two Tone weapon material for your efforts and your real reward - a boss fight with Vashtan Wolfe.

Jedi Survivor Vashtan Wolfe boss fight

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Defeat Vashtan and you'll tick off another boss. The door however (which Vashtan presumably appears from while you're checking the crate), doesn't open. Despite the message that it's 'locked from the otherside', it doesn't appear on the map as an entrance - crucially, it's not marked red, which denotes a door you can't open yet, suggesting it's a door you can't open at all. 

There's certainly nothing on the map behind it, or any route elsewhere on the map where you can get anywhere near the area. So, currently, it looks more like set dressing and an entrance for Vashtan, than a door you're not meant to open. If that changes I'll update this and let you know. 

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